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    Cleaning Solutions for Glass-Lined Equipment

    Posted by Jennifer Mayo

    Sep 24, 2015 12:00:00 AM

    Installation of spray ball on reactorWe talked last week about the criteria for designing efficient cleaning systems in filter/dryers and the various options available.  To reiterate a bit on the history and definition of “in-place” cleaning, this term identifies the ability to clean without dismantling the equipment.  Cleaning systems vary for different types of equipment and the solution can differ based on factors such as equipment material of construction, soil load, and vessel geometry.  One aspect remains consistent, though – all in-place cleaning systems aim to deliver good, effective cleaning.  Regardless of the level of cleaning required (WIP, CIP, or SIP), cleaning in-place equates to faster, easier cleaning, less labor required to achieve cleaning, and a reduced risk of chemical exposure to employees. 


    Topics: Vessel, Reactor, clean-in-place