If you have a seal that is running adequately, is there anything you can do to further optimize the performance?

In short, if you follow the rules of your mixing system and observe the efficiency of your mechanical seal on a regular basis you can help to extend its life and maintain its efficiency. The top three tips for optimizing your seals performance are:

  1. Keep monitoring the nitrogen or barrier fluid consumption.
  2. Keep monitoring the pressure in the seal housing and vessel.
  3. Follow Agitator Do’s and Don’ts (link to landing page with tip sheet pdf download)

Mechanical seals have a tough job and they certainly experience a lot of wear a tear due to their constant use. If you haven’t tried the new OptiSeal design, it is definitely worth inquiring about during your next seal replacement to see if your process is a good candidate. In the meantime, to help keep your mechanical seal well maintained we’ve created a handy tip sheet on Agitator Do’s and Don’ts that you can download and share with your coworkers. It contains important information including best practices that will help keep your mixing system in optimal condition. If you have any additional questions about mechanical seals that weren’t answered in this article contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.