What is reglassing?

Reglassing is a complex process that provides efficient, cost-effective repair to old, damaged or worn glass-lined vessels and their accessories, such as agitators, baffles and covers.

Once a vessel or ancillary part is reglassed it is equivalent in quality to a new item. The reglassing procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Removal of the old glass lining from a vessel or part by grit-blasting
  2. Repair of the steel substrate by welding (e.g. stud holes from plugs and corrosion-damaged areas are ground out and patch welded, severely corroded sections may be trepanned and a new section welded in)
  3. Addition or removal of nozzles or other changes (such as replacement of jacket closure rings or addition of diaphragms)
  4. Application and firing of numerous coats of glass
  5. Testing before and after glassing
  6. Application of external protective coatings

For more detailed information about the glassing process read about how glass-lined vessels are made.