What is the Reactor Buyback program?

If you have glass-lined reactors that you no longer use or need, De Dietrich Process Systems’ new Reactor Buyback Program offers a way for you to “go green” and earn some “green” at the same time.

The intent of this program is to create a mutually beneficial exchange. You, the customer, are looking to get rid of an unwanted vessel. We’ll take it off your hands for you - DDPS will purchase the vessel if it meets the qualifications of the program, then reglass and sell them as refurbished units with a full warranty. This will allow us to be able to sell vessels at a discounted price and have readily available inventory for instant shipping.

We are currently looking to stock 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000-gallon vessels, as well as covers and baffles for the applicable sizes. The vessels MUST have an original ASME code stamped nameplate still attached to the unit. In addition to De Dietrich brand vessels, we will also buyback competitive models.

If you’ve identified a vessel that might be a candidate for the program, contact us by filling out the Reactor Buyback Inquiry Form online or call 908-318-4360 to speak with a buyback representative. If we have a service technician or representative nearby, we can coordinate a site visit to go look at the potential equipment to help us determine if it is a viable candidate for the program.