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What are the advantages of using glass-lined equipment?

There are several advantages in the unique characteristics of glass lining that make this material of construction a top selection of design engineers. Here are some key reasons why glass-lined steel can benefit your process.

· Corrosion Resistance - Glass-lined steel provides superior corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, water and other chemical solutions(with the exception for hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid). As a result of this chemical resistance, glass lining can serve for many years in environments that would quickly render most metal vessels unserviceable.

· Versatility - The chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties of glass are proof that this material can handle a diverse range of operating conditions. Users of glass-lined equipment are therefore able to make drastic changes to their process without needing new equipment to do so.

· Purity - Aggressive reaction environments and extractable metals can cause undesirable catalytic effects or fluctuations in process reactions leading to product contamination in unlined steel or alloy reactors. Glass-lined steel is inert so it is impervious to contamination. Additionally, it does not adversely affect flavor or color, which is of extreme importance to food and drug applications where purity is essential.

· Cleanability - Glass-lined steel has been adapted to cGMP requirements for cleaning, cleanliness, and sterilization. Its high degree of surface smoothness makes it easy to clean using non-corrosive, low pressure cleaning systems. The smooth surface of glass-lined steel also resists the buildup of viscous or sticky products, which means less frequent cleaning.

· Durability - The combination of glass and steel provides you with the best of both materials of construction; fusing glass to steel produces a composite material with an inside that offers product protection and an outside that provides structural strength and durability.