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How do I select a pneumatic conveying system for my application?

There is no clear answer as to which classification, dilute phase or dense phase, is better. Scale and power requirements are often the deciding factors between which type of transfer is selected (what’s best for you might not be best for someone else’s application). The other elements that influence the decision process are:

  • Material properties - powder characteristics including particle size and shape, bulk density, moisture content, abrasiveness, friability, cohesiveness, hygroscopicity, static charge, explosivity, toxicity, melt point (and more!)
  • Pipeline bore
  • Conveying distance - overall distance as well as direction and distance of pipeline runs (horizontal and/or vertical)
  • Pressure available
  • Conveying air velocity
  • Transfer capacity – this calculation incorporates factors such as powder properties, transfer distance, and the packaging of the powder to be transferred.
  • Transfer rate – how fast/frequently does you powder need to be transferred?

Product testing should always be conducted to ensure the method of conveying that is chosen will work properly.