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How does a Bulk Bag Transfer System work?

Bulk bags, or FIBCs, are commonly used to supply relatively large amounts of solids to manufacturing facilities (vs. sacks and drums that are typically used for smaller quantities).

These solids are often transferred into a mixing vessel for dissolution in a solvent. When the solids, and/or the solvent are flammable, explosive or toxic, special care must be taken when conducting the transfer operation. The solids are removed from the FIBC in a contained manner, and pneumatically conveyed at a controlled rate to the receiving vessel. Either atmospheric air or nitrogen can be used as the conveying gas. In both cases, the Powder Pump unit allows the solids to be delivered into the vessel without loss of its inert, internal atmosphere.

The pneumatic transfer system described above was developed to provide a total solution while providing operator safety and environmental protection. Complete process control ensures superior product quality, and the dust-free, closed system simplifies general housekeeping and maintenance duties.