How sensitive are DDPS internals against solids in the feed?...Against outgassing/flushing within the feed?

Columns are built to handle liquid-gas media. Solids, depending on the size of the grain, their stick effect, and the concentration in the liquid are considered more challenging and are therefore treated as a separate entity.

Not all internals tolerate solids, although a few internals in particular (e.g. Core-tray distributors) have a higher “solids loading” suitability. Our glass packing DURAPACK is very anti-adhesive, due to its fire-polished surface and cleanability. Please contact us for your specific application and the anticipated solids, we will find a custom solution for your application.

As for outgassing/flushing within the feed, this depends on the type of distributor used and the position of the feed inlet pipe. Glass channel distributors are susceptible to outgassing or flash media versus Core-trays which are very insensitive. An upstream distribution box, also known as a “flash box”, should provide an effective solution.