What are the advantages of automating your reactor?

There are so many advantages to having a control system integrated with your reactor system. Because process parameters, operator manipulations and other variables need to be continuously measured and recorded, automation enables the unattended running of a system through tried and true solutions that are built from technical expertise, knowledge and experience. When processes can be standardized it facilitates up-scaling from laboratory to pilot plant and production scale; and since control functionality can be tailored to your specific needs, you can select what aspects of your process need automation.

Through automation, De Dietrich Process Systems can help you achieve better batch management. Our control systems can be seamlessly integrated into your new or existing reactor as well other equipment/systems that are in need of automation upgrade. Whether you already know your project goals or need help defining them, we can establish the hardware design specifications, software, and programming around those objectives. DDPS’ project management encompasses all phases of engineering and design including process mapping for performance specification, control panel and HMI development, electrical design, equipment and component recommendations and selection, as well as documentation, validation and testing, start-up assistance, training, and technical support. Contact us to find out more about how we can work together to automate your reactor.