What are the benefits of refurbishing your filter/dryer?

Here we’ve outlined the top seven benefits of using reconditioned equipment in your process:

1. Cost

They say money makes the world go round and in this case it’s true - the primary benefit of purchasing refurbished equipment is cost. Typically you can save your company a great deal of money by electing to go this route over procuring new equipment. Depending on the filter/dryer, it may be possible to recondition two units for the same price as buying a new one, doubling your return on investment. The upgrades and repairs made to older filters and filter/dryers will extend their useful lives for many years, serving as an efficient way to expand your process while effectively managing capital budgets.

2. Quality

Refurbishing a filter/dryer can increase your machine’s productivity by allowing you to add upgraded features that will help to improve product quality, containment, and CIP cleanability. That makes for a substantial improvement in the overall quality of the equipment. Many companies (like DDPS for example) offer the same warranty on refurbished filter/dryers as new units. This serves as a guarantee to you that the “like new” equipment you are receiving will run as you expect it to (make sure you ask your vendor about the warranty that is offered with the equipment and what exactly if covers). Furthermore, DDPS ensures the use of quality machinery, as our inspections are more thorough than the ones performed prior to a new purchase. Depending on your application, it can be important to have your reconditioned equipment certified to meet ANSI and OSHA standards, so make sure this is something you ask your vendor about. DDPS’ refurbishment program tests the reconditioned filter/dryers to its new equipment standards, ensuring that the equipment is the same quality as a new unit coming off the production line.

3. Time

Time constraints can often preclude the purchase of a new machine. And when you are manufacturing a product that is of very high value, every day of down time can impact your profitability. Reinvigorating used equipment can save companies considerable time when they don’t have the time available to have a new unit fabricated to their specifications and delivered by a deadline. It’s a good time to find out about a vendor’s reconditioning process so you can fully understand the scope of the work involved and make sure that the project can be completed in the anticipated time to ensure you get your process up and running on target.

4. Compliance

As manufacturing, health and safety, and environmental standards change and become updated, equipment that is in good working condition can sometimes need to be replaced or modernized in order to stay compliant with the current industry regulations. Additionally, your business’ products can change, or new batch requirements added which create a need for multipurpose operations. Refurbishing allows companies to get more use out of their existing equipment by revamping only the parts that need to be updated, thus maximizing their investment. DDPS runs full validation on all refurbished units and provides thorough documentation, which can alleviate any potential compliance issues.

5. Environment

Reconditioning filters and filter/dryers is a great way to be environmentally friendly. Refurbishments are a green alternative to disposing of a large machine that still has life in it. Plus, it saves steel and other resources needed to manufacture a new unit.

6. Upgrades

Why buy a new unit when you can get the following bells and whistles added to your current system? Here are just a few of the types of upgrades available:

  • Rotary joints
  • Extended discharge package
  • Replace stuffing box with mechanical seal
  • Upgrade existing stuffing boxes
  • Upgrade lower bellows connection to welded design
  • Base-in-place hydraulic cylinders
  • External bellows and purge systems
  • Side discharge valve
  • CIP/Wash rings
  • Dust filter
  • Multi-layer filter media
  • Sample valves/pusher ports
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Control systems

For more information about any of these upgrades, check out our Upgrades for Side Discharge Filters data sheet.