What is the best cleaning method for reactor jackets?

The ReStor program, developed by Ondeo Nalco Company and tested and approved by DDPS, is a service that safely cleans and restores glass-lined process reactors. The proprietary neutral pH cleaning compound GLRx™ works to quickly and safely remove iron oxide build-up from jacket interiors without damaging the glass lining or dissolving the base metal of reactors. Different service packages are available, depending on your budget and level of your involvement:

Level 1: Analysis and Consultation Option

The Ondeo Nalco and DDPS team of experts analyzes the contaminants in your reactor jacket and lays out a plan of action. We then deliver the necessary amount of cleaning compound GLRx, consult with your staff and provide written cleaning instructions to enable you to perform the cleaning in-house.

Level 2: Monitoring Option

In addition to Level 1 services, the Ondeo Nalco and DDPS team provides on-site testing and inspection services to monitor the cleaning progression. This allows you to focus on the mechanics of cleaning.

Level 3: Turnkey Option

Our team of experts takes complete responsibility for the cleaning of your equipment from our pre-site visit to completion. We supply the manpower, equipment and cleaning product necessary to restore the heat transfer efficiency of your equipment and improve the productivity of your plant. You schedule the cleaning to fit your shutdown schedule. The Ondeo Nalco and DDPS team takes it from there.