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What is the criteria for designing a cleaning system for your equipment/system?

While there are certain aspects of CIP that are universal, there are also different options available based on equipment type and other elements that need to be considered. Filter/Dryers are different from glass-lined vessels, and therefore the cleaning system they employ will need to be different as well.

Some of the factors that come into consideration when designing a CIP system include:

  • Complexity of equipment – geometry, configuration, material of construction, piping orientation, nozzle and discharge valve locations, etc.
  • Characteristics of residuals – nature of contamination, chemical state of residue (solid/liquid), product’s compatibility with prospective cleaning agents, solubility, static properties, toxicity.
  • Selection of a detergent/cleaning agent – avoidance of potential chemical reaction with product residue, solution type (acidic or alkaline, anionic, non-ionic, cationic, or amphoteric), concentration, contact time, temperature, etc.
  • Cleaning equipment hardware – spray balls, spray rings, orientation hardware (stationery or rotating), quantity, installation location, hydrodynamic forces, high/low pressure options.
  • Cleaning method – once through CIP, recirculating CIP, boil-up method (reflux), additional rinsing cycle.