What type of bottom outlet valves are available for glass-lined vessels?

Bottom outlet valves, often referred to as “flush valves” or “discharge valves”, are necessary for accomplishing drainage in all glass-lined steel vessels. Here are the most popular options:

Glass-Lined Valves

If the material coming out of your reactor has sticky characteristics, contains crystals or slurries, is caustic, or if cleanliness is of importance due to your industry requirements, then a glass-lined bottom outlet valve would be your desired material of construction. With the valve being fabricated identically to the vessel itself, you can ensure no metal contamination of the process fluid. The glass-lined design also enables use across a wide temperature and pressure range. The wetted parts feature the same characteristics of all other glass-lined equipment including resistance to corrosion, thermal and mechanical shock. All other parts in contact with the process are made of fluoropolymer (PTFE, PFA).

Clean Valve

The Clean Valve is a glass-lined bottom flush valve made by DDPS that is specially designed to avoid complex maintenance. This easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean, self-draining valve allows for a variety of functions without the need to interrupt the process and without dismantling the valve. The Clean Valve is suitable for use in virtually any process where batch-to-batch cleanability is important (it was designed with the most rigorous operations in mind). So what exactly sets the Clean Valve apart from other “standard” glass-lined BOVs? Here are a few noteworthy features:

  • A unique lip seal valve seat design prevents material getting between the seat and the bottom outlet nozzle
  • An additional side nozzle with a 5° downward sloping is included for a cleaning lance or other purposes (e.g. sampling, gas dispersion)
  • The glass-lined head and stem contains a temperature sensor can be replaced without having to remove the valve from service