When might you need to have your vessel reglassed?

Reglassing may not be practical for an older vessel if there is significant corrosion of the steel surfaces. But if the steel substrate is in good condition, reglassing is most likely a viable option for you. Some scenarios, in addition to basic erosion of the glass lining, that can warrant the need for reglass service include:

  • galvanic corrosion caused by the use of dissimilar metals in the reactor, like dip pipes, valves and/or repair plugs.
  • the loss of a repair plug.
  • temporary build-up of extremely corrosive or erosive products from batch type operations and pilot operations.
  • contamination of jacket heating and cooling media (which can accelerate corrosion at the bottom closure ring).
  • lack of venting, which can allow corrosion-producing air pockets at the top jacket closure ring.
  • damage caused by a component that is welded to the substrate.
  • accidental mechanical damage to the lining of the vessel (e.g. dropping a tool or other object into the vessel).
  • thermal shock or stress beyond the safe limits of the glass (when operating limitations are exceeded or temperature differentials are not adhered to).