• Do you handle powders?Charging_5

    • Do you need to move or charge a powder and create less dust while doing so?

    • Do you want to improve how you presently move powders?

    • Are you exposing employees to the hazards associated with powders?

    • Are you carrying bags of powder around your plant leading to personnel injuries?

    • Do you have a lot of labor tied up moving powder?

    • Do you have safety concerns about powder conveying and static generation?


    If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you’ll want to read the Advantages of Pneumatic Conveying over Manual and Mechanical Charging. In this data sheet you’ll learn about the various benefits of DDPS’ Powder Pump, a technology that allows you to convey your powder safely and easily.



    This data sheet is an ideal reference if you’re a plant manager, project engineer, or someone responsible for health and safety issues in your facility and are looking to improve your transfer process.




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