This factory re-certified Rosenmund RoLab Filter/Dryer has been thoroughly cleaned and revamped to like-new condition.  The scope of the unit has been expanded to handle the following process steps:

    • Filling
    • Filtration under pressure and/or vacuum
    • Washing the filter cake
    • Smoothing
    • Nitrogen blow through drying
    • Vacuum drying
    • Heating/Cooling the vessel
    • Discharge (manually) via side discharge valve
    • Cleaning in place

    Additional technical data can be found below.  To inquire about purchasing this equipment, please fill out the form on the right.  You can also reach a DDPS Refurbished Equipment Representative at 908-317-2585. 


    General Data


    Year of Manufacture: 2008

    Weight of Equipment, Empty: 360 kg

    Nominal Area: 0.06 m


    Explosion Protection

    Area Classification: Class 1, Division 2, Group C&D, Temperature Code T3C

    Enclosure classification (Process): Intrinsically safe (NEMA 4X) or XP (NEMA 7/9)


    Pressure Vessel Data

    Design, manufacture and testing: according ASME VIII, Div. 1


    Design Data

    Min/Max Allowable Pressure 90 psig/FV

    Min/Max Allowable Temperature: -10/+150°C

    Vessel Diameter (Inside): 265 mm

    Total Volume: 49 l

    Maximum Fill Volume: 42 l

    Nominal Volume of Cake: 14 l

    Side Discharge Opening: 80 mm


    Drive and Agitator Data

    Drive: FL Vario

    Nominal Stroke of Agitator: 250 mm

    Shaft Diameter: 40 mm

    Agitator Type: S-blade, 2-arms, "Gas Knife"

    Maximum Agitator Torque: 200 Nm

    Agitator Speed: 16-93 min-1

    Air Quantity Pneum. Motor: 0.25 Nm3/min

    Air Pressure Pneum. Motor: 6.0 bar

    Electric Motor Drive Unit: 2 HP

    Equivalent Constant Sound Pressure Level: ≤ 75 dB(A)


    Materials of Construction

    All Parts in Contact with Product or Liquid: 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel

    Heating Area: 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel

    Other Non-Product-Contact Parts such as Frame, Drive Parts, Guards, etc.: 1.4301 stainless steel (304L)

    Insulation Jacket: 1.4301 stainless steel (304L)

    Insulation Material: Mineral wool

    O-rings (product contact): PTFE encapsulated Viton

    Flat Gaskets: Gylon 3504E/PTFE

    Filter Media (multilayer filter and supporting screen): 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel

    Mechanical Seal: (product side/atmospheric side) Silicon carbide/carbon,  (housing) 1.4122


    Surface Treatment

    Stainless Steel Parts: Internal finish polished Ra ≤ 0.8µm (Grit 180), External finish polished Grit 120 satin finish

    Paints on Carbon Steel Parts: Primer - TN 013, Finish - TN014, RAL 5010


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