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What are some cleaning system options for filter/dryers?

De Dietrich Process Systems offers many wash-in-place options for filter/dryers, ensuring complete cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vessel. We look at the location and quantity of components to make sure we adequately clean and deliver cleaning fluid to the unit. In addition, we look at the equipment design to reduce any areas of product hold up and improve drainability.

With each system, riboflavin testing is included as a comprehensive service to ensure the cleaning meets your requirements. Here are the various WIP/CIP choices for filter/dryers and what they can accomplish:

Spray Lance

Designed to be removable from the vessel, spray lances introduce a standard rotating or fixed spray ball into the vessel. An O-ring seal is utilized to eliminate product within the nozzle projection. The spray lance can stay in the vessel during operation; however, it should be removed if the entire vessel capacity is to be used.

ARD Nozzles

ARD (Aftertreatment Regeneration Device) nozzles are spray nozzle that are flush with the vessel interior during the process. Hydraulic pressure inserts the nozzle(s) during the cleaning procedure. Depending on the characteristics of the products used in the process, the nozzles can be constructed of metallic components or all PTFE. Standard sanitary connections can be used for solvent introduction.

Mechanical Seal Spray Ring

Mechanical seal spray rings are designed to clean the cavity created by the shaft penetration through the top head.

External Spray Ring for Top Head Nozzles

Traditionally, the top head nozzles are known to be a difficult place to clean due to the nooks and crannies that are present in the nozzle design. External spray rings are built specifically for this purpose and feature a tangential entry spray jet via a wash solvent manifold that is connected to the top head nozzles with braided stainless steel flex hose.

Removable Spray Balls

Fully removable from the top head, high volume spray balls are designed for full vessel coverage. This setup requires a single customer connection for each spray ball assembly (multiple spray balls are used in larger volumes to ensure coverage). For customers that want a more permanent fixture, welded spray balls are available as well.

WIP/CIP/SIP systems are definitely worth looking into more if you don’t currently have one integrated in your process. By eliminating the need to manually clean, the “in-place” process saves you time while optimizing your equipment – that is efficiency at its best! DDPS can design and test systems to clean new and existing filter/dryers during refurbishment.