What are the advantages of wall-mounted baffles?

  • Improved Mixing: Mixing times are reduced by approximately one-third through improvements in heat and mass transfer, solids suspension and distribution, gas dispersion and gas flow rates. Elimination of the problem of solid particles flotation at the surface of the reaction medium has also been noted in the field.
  • Minimized bending loads: The symmetry of the three baffle/three mixing blade combination reduces the flexure that can deflect the agitator shaft and reduce seal life.
  • Elimination of space top head space constraints: The absence of a baffle flange mounted on the reactor head frees up one or more nozzles for other usage
  • Easier cleaning between batch operations: In addition to poor mixing, vortexes also create an undesirable splashing effect that leaves liquid on the reactor walls above the surface level. This is particularly problematic in heated reactors, as the droplets quickly dry and leave product residue on the vessel walls that is difficult to remove and usually requires manual intervention for proper cleaning. The elimination of the vortex with OptiMix also eliminates product build-up on the interior walls.

The combination of these improvements results in better chemical reaction rates and an overall increase in productivity.