Clamped-Top / CTJ Reactors

Glass-lined reactor maintenance image

De Dietrich CTJ series are clamped or flanged-top reactors designed with a removable top head for today’s cleanability demands. They have sturdier flanges and are fabricated from thicker steel than competitive vessels, which reduces flange warpage and provides greater corrosion allowance. There are other features too which make installation, operation and maintenance much easier.


  • Volumes from 5 to 2000 gallons
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 90/150 psig
  • Temperatures from -20°F to 500°F
  • Vessels available in glass-lined stainless steel or with glass-lined stainless steel manway or top covers



  • Drive does not obstruct nozzles or accessories
  • All welds are examined by dye penetrant test and ultrasonic test, standard
  • Lifting lugs individually capable of supporting the empty vessel for ease of handling
  • Greater heat transfer due to increased turbulence in smaller annular jacket space
  • 20,000 volt spark test standard
  • Guaranteed plug free
  • Vessel internal and jacket allowable temperature differentials are greater than competitive designs

Closed-Welded / GL Reactors


GL series closed-welded reactors are built without a large main opening to maximize top head strength and allow for higher pressure ratings. This design is made possible by DDPS’s adjustable blade GlasLock® agitator. The agitator blades are readily passed through the manway for installation into the impeller hub, negating the need for a main cover.


  • Lined with 3009 glass and equipped with a GlasLock agitator with adjustable blades
  • Fixed speed drive is vertically mounted to keep nozzles and accessories unobstructed for operational use.
  • Volumes from from 300 to 10,000 gallons
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 130 psig (8.7 bar)
  • Temperatures from -20°F (-29ºC) to 500°F (260ºC)



The elimination of the main opening in the GL reactor design offers a variety of advantages including:

  • Reactors with higher internal pressure rating (up to 130 psig compared to a conventional 100 psig)
  • Gain in top head strength
  • More and larger process nozzles
  • Larger manways
  • No need for large gasket (and possible shimming)
  • Fewer spare parts needed
  • Reduced principal area for potential leaks

Large Top Head Manway / SA Reactors

SA Reactor

The standard design in glass-lined steel reactors for over 40 years, the SA series are rugged, heavyweight reactors that feature a signature large top head main cover. This “J” bolted opening was designed to accommodate installation and removal of one-piece agitators.


  • Lined with 3009 glass and equipped with a one-piece agitator (GlasLock adjustable agitators easily retrofits all SA reactors)
  • Fixed speed drive is vertically mounted to keep nozzles and accessories unobstructed for operational use.
  • Volumes from 300 to 25,000 gallons
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 100 psig (6.7 bar)
  • Temperatures from -20°F (-29ºC) to 500°F (260ºC)
  • Jacketed reactors are available with either a conventional jacket (SA) or with a HemiCoil® split pipe-coil jacket (CSA). 



  • Superior glass formulation resists a wide range of chemical attacks
  • Jacket inspection/cleanout port eliminates dismantling of jacket piping, allows fast inspection and cleaning of reactor jacket
  • Narrow annulus jacket spacing provides quicker heat-up and cool-down
  • Standard 3000-lb. ANSI forged-steel jacket couplings are stronger, with greater corrosion allowances than other manufacturers
  • Large main opening easily accepts wide one-piece glass-lined, alloy or fluoropolymer-coated agitators

OptiMix Reactors

OptiMix Reactor Interior

OptiMix is a patented reactor design that optimizes the mixing performance of glass-lined reactors by integrating three baffles on the vessel wall.  This design enhances heat transfer, solids suspension and distribution, gas dispersion, gas flow rates, and mass transfer through improved mixing, making it a preferred design for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.  It also eliminates the need for top entry baffles, freeing up an additional nozzle for process use.

Additionally, a new enhancement to the design, called OptiMix-HE, circulates the thermal fluid contained in the half-coil reactor jacket through the baffles for even more process optimization. OptiMix-HE increases heat transfer area 25% or more, enabling better homogeneity, faster thermal management, and shortened cycle times.


  • Lined with 3009 glass for superior corrosion resistance  
  • Sized to fit vessels from 30 gallons
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 90/150 psig
  • Temperatures from -20°F to 500°F
  • Also available in QVF borosilicate glass reactor designs


  • Improved CIP efficiency by eliminating the difficult to clean top head pocket at the baffle/nozzle interface
  • Vortexing and splashing are significantly reduced, resulting in less product drying and sticking to the heated wall above the liquid surface
  • The symmetrical baffling of the OptiMix reactor reduces shaft deflection and extends seal life by minimizing the bending loads that are imposed on the agitator shaft
  • Get new technology without needing a new vessel - OptiMix baffles can be added to existing equipment during reglassing

 Laboratory Reactors

laboratory reactor

Our glass-lined laboratory reactor combines the quality and strength of production-sized DDPS reactors in a small-scale laboratory design.  This apparatus makes it possible for you to test your process in the same ultra-pure environment that exists in a production size vessel. The 6.3 liter laboratory reactor is designed to handle a large range of process conditions.


  • The unique reactor stand incorporates a complete drive system and an emptying mechanism with a sturdy support structure.
  • The inner vessel is rated for 580 psig and full vacuum
  • The jacket is rated for 290 psig
  • Temperatures from –20°F to 482°F



  • Allows you to test your product in DDPS glass-lined equipment before you scale-up to production sized units.
  • Easy to operate emptying mechanism assures complete drainage of the product while allowing excellent cleanability.

Storage Tanks and Receiving Vessels

Glass-lined steel tanks are also available for corrosion resistant intermediate chemical storage.


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