De Dietrich Glass-Lined Reactors

DD GL reactors

De Dietrich glass-lined reactors have been at the heart of chemical operations for over a century.  These are robustly designed and manufactured to stand up to very harsh environments.  The (typically) carbon-steel shell is designed and built to ASME code and then lined internally with our proprietary 3009 Glass.  After the glassing operation is complete, the external jacket (HemiCoil) is attached, the reactor is pressure tested, painted and assembled for shipment.  Glass-lined reactors are either custom fabricated or built to industry standards.  Learn more about the internal components of glass-lined steel reactors and the advantages of this construction.

The models available include:

CTJ Reactor

CTJ Series - clamped or flanged-top reactors designed with a removable top head for today’s cleanability demands.


GL Reactor

GL Series- closed-welded reactors without a large main opening to maximize top head strength and allow for higher pressure ratings.



SA Reactor

SA Series- rugged, heavyweight reactors with large top head main cover that allows for installation and removal of one-piece agitators.





GL optimixOptiMix®

- a patented reactor design that optimizes the mixing performance of glass-lined reactors by integrating three baffles on the vessel wall.


lab reactor

Lab Reactors - combines the quality and strength of production sized DDPS reactors in a small-scale laboratory design




Storage tanks

Glass-lined steel tanks are also available for corrosion resistant chemical storage.


Additionally, DDPS carries a accessories and instrumentation to complement your reactor.

Not sure which model reactor is best for your process?  Review our Glass-Lined Steel Reactor Comparison Chart for more information, then click on the “Spec a Reactor” link below to design your own and submit for a quote:

Glass-Lined Reactor Comparison Chart






Lab Reactor

Main Feature



Large top head main cover

Wall-mounted baffle system in CTJ   or GL design

Laboratory/scale-up size complete   with insulation and sheathing


Easy entry facilitates   cleanability

Top head strength enables higher   internal pressure rating, eliminates need for gaskets, more room for   additional nozzles

Opening enables use of one-piece   agitators, narrow annulus jacket spacing enables quick heat up and cool down

Improved CIP efficiency, enhanced   heat transfer and mixing, frees up nozzles for other use, reduces shaft   deflection and extends seal life by minimizing the bending loads on the   agitator shaft.

Easy to operate, allows for scale   up work in same environment as full size DDPS reactor, emptying mechanism   enables cleanability

Standard Agitator

Pitch blade turbine or retreat   curve impeller

Glas-Lock Agitator with removable   blades

Retreat curve impeller or GlasLock   agitator with removable blades




Vertically mounted variable or   fixed speed

Vertically mounted fixed speed

Vertically mounted fixed speed

Vertically mounted fixed speed

Variable speed

Internal Pressure

90/150 psig (6/10 bar)

130 psig (8.7 bar)

100 psig (6.7 bar)

90/150 psig (6/10 bar)

580 psig

Internal Vacuum






Temperature (Max.)

500°F (260ºC)

500°F (260ºC)

500°F (260ºC)

500°F (260ºC)

482°F (250ºC)

Temperature (Min.)

-20°F (-30ºC)

 -20°F (-30ºC)

 -20°F (-30ºC)

 -20°F (-30ºC)

 -20°F (-30ºC)


2 to 2000 gal

300 to 10,000 gal

300 to 25,000 gal

30 to 2,000 gal (CTJ) / 300 to   10,000 (GL)

6.3 liters

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