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De Dietrich Glass-Lined Steel Equipment

(Our service technicians have experience in servicing all major brands of glass-lined equipment):

  • Installation of tantalum plugs, patches and inside, outside or combination sleeves, FEP heat shrinkable boots
  • Replacement of lubricated and dry-running non-metallic and Hastelloy mechanical seals.
  • Preventative maintenance inspections including the glass lining, drive system, accessories and attachments.
  • Installation of agitation systems and disassembly/re-assembly of existing systems including replacement of agitator, drive and/or mechanical seal if necessary.
  • Evaluation of used equipment with written recommendations, cost estimates and quick repairs.
  • Assist with start-up and commissioning of one vessel or an entire plant.
  • Supervised installation of glass-lined equipment from accessories to reactors, tanks and columns.
  • Expert field welding, in accordance with ASME Code, to prevent damage to the glass lining.
  • Jacket Cleaning
  • Maintenance seminars at the customer site or at our Corpus Christi, TX facility.

Rosenmund Filters and Filter/Dryers


QVF Glass Process Systems and Components

  • Reconfiguration
  • Reconstruction
  • Repair
  • Vacuum testing
  • Peripheral equipment testing.
  • Process inspection
  • Parts inspection
  • NEW!! DDPS now offers off-site glass repair.  Read our news post for more information.

Powder Handling


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