Glass Lining

  • Spark test vessel and all components with 6000 volt AC and/or DC
  • Random thickness measurements with a specific mapping on glass where “firepolish” is lost
  • Visual inspection of all plugs, patches and sleeves (i.e., rust stains – early warning for failure)
  • Checking all plugs, patches and sleeves with feeler gauge for proper seating •Overall visual inspection of lining to assess general condition

Agitation System

  • Inspection of drive/motor coupling alignment
  • Check drive oil pressure (on PTE units)
  • Document rotation
  • Visual inspection for any corrosion or mechanical damage
  • Check bolting for correct size, position & torque
  • Document run-out
  • Visual inspection of mechanical seal for leakage and performance
  • Document seal design
  • Visual inspection of lubricator oil level pressure (15 to 25 psi over max internal operating pressure)
  • Visual inspection of all connections for leaks and damaged fittings
  • Verify method and medium used to pressurize lubricating system
  • Overall inspection of agitating system to assess general condition


  • Visual inspection of all gaskets to verify type, positioning and orientation of any shim and leakage
  • Check bolting for correct size, position and torque
  • Verify correct size and quantity clamps, condition, retaining cable in place and torque
  • Visual inspection of manway assist for alignment, performance and corrosion
  • Test operation of manway assist, check setting and verify type
  • Check valve for leakage, proper bolting and verify type
  • Inspect method of piping including location of expansion joints and if piping is adequately supported
  • Document location and visual inspection of all accessories installed

Vessel Exterior

  • Check vessel to be properly leveled
  • Visual inspection of vessel exterior for corrosion, erosion and mechanical damage
  • Visual inspection of paint coating
  • Visual inspection of vessel support systems (i.e. legs, feet, side lugs)
  • Verify vessel nameplate and record all data

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