Preventative Maintenance

This program by De Dietrich Process Systems is designed to meet the customer’s most demanding needs for preventative maintenance on all glass–lined steel process equipment, including OSHA’s Process Safety Management requirement for mechanical integrity of process equipment. Benefits of such a program are an extensive documented inspection history for each vessel covered thus aiding in projecting and prolonging the equipment’s life; preventing possible severe damage before it occurs; and a periodic extensive inspection by an experienced and trained specialist.

Glass Lining

  • Spark test vessel and all components with 6000 volt AC and/or DC
  • Random thickness measurements with a specific mapping on glass where “firepolish” is lost
  • Visual inspection of all plugs, patches and sleeves (i.e., rust stains – early warning for failure)
  • Checking all plugs, patches and sleeves with feeler gauge for proper seating •Overall visual inspection of lining to assess general condition

Agitation System

  • Inspection of drive/motor coupling alignment
  • Check drive oil pressure (on PTE units)
  • Document rotation
  • Visual inspection for any corrosion or mechanical damage
  • Check bolting for correct size, position & torque
  • Document run-out
  • Visual inspection of mechanical seal for leakage and performance
  • Document seal design
  • Visual inspection of lubricator oil level pressure (15 to 25 psi over max internal operating pressure)
  • Visual inspection of all connections for leaks and damaged fittings
  • Verify method and medium used to pressurize lubricating system
  • Overall inspection of agitating system to assess general condition


  • Visual inspection of all gaskets to verify type, positioning and orientation of any shim and leakage
  • Check bolting for correct size, position and torque
  • Verify correct size and quantity clamps, condition, retaining cable in place and torque
  • Visual inspection of manway assist for alignment, performance and corrosion
  • Test operation of manway assist, check setting and verify type
  • Check valve for leakage, proper bolting and verify type
  • Inspect method of piping including location of expansion joints and if piping is adequately supported
  • Document location and visual inspection of all accessories installed

Vessel Exterior

  • Check vessel to be properly leveled
  • Visual inspection of vessel exterior for corrosion, erosion and mechanical damage
  • Visual inspection of paint coating
  • Visual inspection of vessel support systems (i.e. legs, feet, side lugs)
  • Verify vessel nameplate and record all data

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