Scale-up and R&D Testing

testing1-benchtop testing

Scale-up and process development testing plays an integral role in the early stages of a project, providing critical data that can help you find the most efficient solution for fulfilling your processing goals. DDPS can help with this by providing testing services to confirm your product will perform as required and ensure our equipment will meet your process expectations. Testing can be conducted at our test laboratory or at a customer’s site and can help recommend process parameters and the optimum equipment selection and design.

Testing Criteria


  • Measurement of the filterability of a product
  • Calculation of the cake specific resistance
  • Definition of the best type of media (pore size, media type: textile or metal monolayer or multilayer)
  • Extrapolation of filtration areas and cycle times at the industrial scale


  • Drying cycle duration
  • Agitation speed
  • Lump breaking
  • Dust Filter area
  • Required heating power
  • Vacuum pump and condenser sizing
  • Final product humidity content

Benefits / Advantages

  • Understanding sizing and cycle time for industrial scale
  • Process optimization

Rental Equipment


De Dietrich Process Systems offers a range of rental equipment, allowing you to perform product testing or short-term batch filtration and drying processes without the capital expense of purchasing new equipment. Our easy-to-operate, portable designs are well-suited for laboratory and production environments, providing all the functionality of our larger equipment. They are simple to install/set-up, rated for hazardous area installation, and can perform according to cGMP and FDA standards.

Rental Equipment Available

  • Pocket Filter in 316L, Borosilicate Glass
  • 0.02m2 manual agitation filter in 316L 
  • 100L Pan Dryer in 316L
  • 100L Paddle Dryer in 316L
  • RoLab in 316L, HC-22

Benefits / Advantages

  • Understanding sizing and cycle time for industrial scale
  • Process optimization
  • No capital expenditures / Cost savings over purchasing equipment
  • Ideal solution for short-term projects and feasibility tests


Filter-Dryer Refurbishment BEFORE and AFTER

From individual products to entire systems, DDPS offers refurbishment as an affordable and “green” solution to help you optimize your process and extend the life of your existing equipment. DDPS can take your old, outdated, or minimally defective equipment and perform various repairs, part replacement, and reassembly while maintaining the original identity and functionality to meet the original performance specifications.

DDPS refurbished equipment and systems are certified to "like-new" condition and offer the same performance, quality, warranty, and support as new equipment.


  • Cost savings compared to new equipment
  • Remanufactured, upgraded, tested, and certified to DDPS specifications
  • Increased energy efficiency resulting in production cost savings
  • Environmentally friendlier process
  • Improved containment
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved cleanability/CIP
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Ability to change product for multi-purpose operations
  • Updated safety and environmental requirements
  • Updated validation and documentation
  • Reduction in production downtime caused by purchase and installation of a new machine


filter dryer gas knife-1

Upgrades are a great way to give additional life and functionality to legacy equipment. Popular upgrades for filters and filter/dryers include side discharge valves, mechanical seals, hydraulic lifts, and improved automation. DDPS has the capability to enhance many features on your existing equipment to further optimize performance and fit the changing demands of your process to meet production targets and other key performance indicators.


  • Center Discharge Mechanism Upgrade
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Improved cleanability
    • Minimized cross contamination
    • ATEX and/or EX Compliant
  • Upgrade Stuffing box to Mechanical seal
    • Lower maintenance
    • Reduced contamination with gas lubricated seals
    • GMP compliant
  • Side Discharge Valve Upgrade
    • Eliminate tightness issues
    • Eliminate material contamination from seal
    • Improved cleanability
    • Metal/metal sealing
    • Worm screw system instead of hydraulic rams
    • Gloves to manually wipe sealing surfaces
    • CIP/WIP nozzles
  • Hydraulics Upgrade
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Cheaper spares/non obsolete components
  • Controls Upgrade
    • Automation of processes
    • Modernization of system
    • Ability to meet hazardous area rating requirements


Whether you're looking for a pre-engineered system or a customized solution, DDPS has the experience and capability to meet your unique process requirements. Our systems portfolio covers a broad spectrum of applications, arrangements/designs and scale with a scope of supply that is equally diversified. Here are a few projects that showcase some of the many technologies we specialize in.


Filter Media Repair

Removed existing media with welded ring and welded new media to ring


5.0m2 Filter Dryer Refurb

Refurbished machine including complete mechanical seal refurbishment


1.6m2 Filter Dryer Refurb/Upgrade

Redesigned frame from tilting to fixed vertical position, rebuild hydraulic powerpack

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