Preliminary Engineering / Testing

As an equipment and engineering services supplier, DDPS can provide you with a proven solution backed by feasibility studies conducted at our testing facility. We have the expertise to help you develop your process along with data-driven design plans to ensure your system will perform to your expectations so you can achieve your production targets with confidence.


Filtration and drying performance indicators that are calculated during testing include:

  • Filterability
  • Cake thickness calculation
  • Specific resistance
  • Identification of the best type of filter media (pore size and media type)
  • Scale-up of filtration areas and drying cycle times
  • Drying cycle duration
  • Agitation speed
  • Lump breaking
  • Dust filter area
  • Required heating power
  • Vacuum pump and condenser sizing
  • Final product humidity content

Peripheral / Component Integration

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DDPS offers a range of filtration and drying systems that cover a full spectrum of process requirements, from rudimentary chemical applications up to the stringent demands of high-purity, cGMP pharmaceutical operations. Through the integration of peripheral components, we can provide you with a complete solution that’s engineered in-house, by the people who know the equipment best. This not only saves you the time and hassle of working with multiple sources, but it also maximizes the performance and efficiency of your system.

Common filtration and drying system integrations include:

  • Heat Transfer Systems for vessel heating and cooling
  • Vacuum generation and vapor recovery systems
  • Mother liquor collection
  • Glove boxes for isolation and containment capabilities
  • Vessel charging via the Powder Pump
  • Upgraded discharge systems for high-value products (Gas Knife System)
  • WIP / CIP / SIP cleaning systems
  • Modular construction to accommodate space and time constraints
  • PLC-based System Control

Product / Project Lifecycle Support


DDPS’ integrated systems approach takes project management and execution to the next level. After completing FAT and SAT testing and providing any additional validation services required, we see your project beyond installation and start-up, offering ongoing support that extends throughout the life of your system.

Technical support and services available include:

  • Equipment warranties
  • Recommended spare parts to minimize downtime
  • Preventive maintenance plans
  • Training and documentation
  • Field service


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Pharmaceutical Production Plant

Fully assembled, skid mounted pilot scale Rosenmund filter/dryer with PLC controls, with:

  • Local control panels
  • Side discharge valve with offloader
  • Glove box for contained heel discharge

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