Glass-Lined Reactors


De Dietrich glass-lined reactors are robustly designed and manufactured to stand up to very harsh environments.  Glass-lined steel provides you with the best of both materials; fusing glass to steel produces a composite material with an inside that offers a nearly universal corrosion protection and an outside that provides structural strength and durability.   

Glass-lined reactors are either custom fabricated or built to industry standards. The models available include:


  • Volumes from 1 to 20,000 gallons
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 450 psig
  • Temperatures from -20ºF (-30ºC) to 500 ºF (260ºC)
  • Ability to add or remove heat to the batch
  • Variety of accessories and instrumentation (OptiMix, GlasLock, etc.) are available to further enhance the performance of your vessel



  • Superior corrosion resistance to acids, bases, water and other chemical solutions.
  • Chemical, mechanical and thermal properties offer a diverse range of operating conditions.
  • Top quality construction with thicker steel than other brands, creating flatter flanges and less distortion.
  • Cost-efficient solution when compared to lifespan of steel and alloy vessels, whose service life can be drastically shortened due to their inability to resist corrosion the way glass lining can.
  • Adapted to cGMP requirements for cleaning, cleanliness, and sterilization.

Borosilicate Glass Reactors

QVF glass reactor

De Dietrich Process Systems offers a broad range of solid glass reactors manufactured from QVF borosilicate glass, providing excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion as well as transparency for optimum visual observation. Our QVF glass reactors meet a wide variety of process applications and volume requirements ranging from laboratory scale and pilot plants to full scale production units. They are a popular choice in research and development as well as kilo plant production applications throughout the chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Many standard sizes and designs are kept in stock for quick delivery. Our diverse product line includes the standard “Q-Series” units, OptiMix wall-mounted baffle reactors, as well as custom units, with various accessories and instrumentation to provide the optimum solution for your application.


  • Available in a variety of shapes including spherical, cylindrical, and graduated cylindrical
  • Volumes from 5 to 100 liters (stock standards 30, 50 & 100 liters)
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 8 psig (0.6 bar)
  • Temperatures from -60°F (-50ºC) to 250°F (120°C) (higher temperature available, to 390°F/200°C)
  • Dissipative Sectrans glass coating available for external protection



  • Process visibility
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Anti-adhesive and nonporous surface resists the buildup of viscous or sticky products
  • Can handle a variety of functions
  • Compatible with other highly corrosion resistant materials such as PTFE, SiC and Glass-Lined Steel

Combination Glass / Glass-Lined Reactors


The VERI reactor series is a glass-lined steel reactor body with a solid borosilicate glass cover. The combination glass/glass-lined design was developed from the pharmaceutical industry's demand for maximum purity and optimized heat and mass transfer combined with suitability for GMP use. Our combination reactor model is widely used in pilot plant units due to its robust design.

The VERI reactor is specially designed for the two process stages of reaction and distillation. The reaction stage operates under total reflux, allowing the solvent to be distilled off as effectively as possible in the concentration phase. The vessel was designed for a compact layout with reduced headroom requirements, suiting the limited availability of space in the majority of laboratories.


  • Volumes from 16 to 100 liters  
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 9 psig (0.6 bar) (high pressure versions also available)
  • Temperatures from -76°F (-60°C) to 400°F (200°C)
  • Available options include:
    • Hydraulic lifting device for the reaction vessel
    • Phase separator
    • Electronic speed indicator
    • OptiMix wall-mounted baffles
    • Weighing cells for reactor, feed and distillate vessel
    • Process control engineering
    • Other accessories and instrumentation



  • Combined glass/glass-lined construction offers the strength of glass-lined steel with the visibility benefit of borosilicate glass.
  • Modular construction can be expanded to handle various special functions. 
  • Can accommodate space constraints

PI QFlux Reactor

PI QFlux rendering

The PI QFlux Reactor (designed and developed by PTSC) starts with a holistic concept of the overall process and services for the future of chemical processing.


  • Green Energy Capability - The PI QFlux Reactor and its associated Thermal Control Unit (TCU) can operate in a zero carbon system, enabling no fossil fuel energy input throughout the entire heating and cooling processes.
  • Productivity - The level of productivity and control compared to a traditional batch reactor is remarkable with 5 times the available heat flux. This equates to shortened production cycles and 5 times the effective STY (space time yield).
  • Efficiency- Major steps such as filling, heating, cooling, emptying and cleaning are all non-added value steps in batch chemical processes that attribute to energy waste. In addition to process “waste”, the PI QFlux Reactor contributes up to 30% improvement in energy efficiency through a combination of mass and services fluid volume reduction.

PI QFlux Reactor Introduction

The PI QFlux is the World's Fastest Glass-Lined Batch Reactor

PI QFlux charts

The two charts above show the comparative span times for the PI QFlux Reactor vs a conventional glass lined batch reactor to heat between two pre-determined set points.

  • Testing was performed in collaboration with Kobelco Eco Solutions in a purpose built test center in July 2022.
  • The vessel contents were 1000l of water and corn oil respectively for the two charts.
  • The blue and orange curves show the relative performance of the conventional and PI QFlux reactor when the site service conditions were identical.
  • The red curve shows the performance of the PI QFlux when a higher steam temperature was used.

    Download our White Paper to see the full report on the performance testing

De Dietrich Process Systems is in partnership with PTSC to provide this revolutionary technology to the North American market. For more information about our agreement, read our press release.

Reactor Accessories and Instrumentation


Whether your process application is R&D, bulk production or anything in between, DDPS has a variety of accessories and instrumentation to optimize your reactor performance. Enhancements can be made to improve mixing, heat transfer, mass transfer, and a variety of other functions. Available upgrades to complete standard reactor units include:

Additional options / equipment

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Distillation Overheads 
  • Feed / receiver vessels
  • Temperature Control Modules
  • Vacuum systems
  • Phase separators
  • Reactor bottom lift devices
  • Additional instrumentation/transmitters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Electronic speed indicators
  • Weighing cells for reactor, feed, and distillate vessels
  • Gasket Tape



  • Improved process efficiency
  • Extension of the life of your equipment
  • Increased production yield
  • Reduced batch time
  • Improved process safety and reliability
  • Minimized downtime for cleaning/maintenance

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