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Rosenmund Filter/Dryer

Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, DDPS filters and filter/dryers prove themselves through a very high efficiency in washing and isolating solids, even in the most difficult production processes. DDPS filters and filter/dryers have many features that make them the recognized industry leader.  See our page on filtration components and materials of construction for more information.

DDPS offers a range of filtration equipment, systems, and accessories to suit various process requirements based on scope and product characteristics:

Production Scale Filter/Dryers - Traditional agitated filter design for standard production scale filtration with additional drying feature included.

Pilot Scale Filter/Dryers- Portable nutsche filter designed for the filtration and drying of small pharmaceutical and chemical batches.

Manual Nutsche Filters - Easy to clean, anti-corrosive filter for processing pharmaceuticals, high-purity organic chemicals, dyes and precious metals, available in metal or non-metallic design.

Laboratory Scale Filters - Ideal for performing fast, safe demonstrations and tests of filtration, washing and drying for scale up.

Filtration Systems - DDPS can integrate any of our filtration equipment with process utilities, instrumentation, automation and controls and other peripheral equipment to create a customized process solution.

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