Filtration Equipment

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Nutsche filter/dryers are multipurpose units designed to accomplish numerous batch process steps in a single vessel, including filtration (formation of the cake), smoothing, washing, drying, cooling and discharge. DDPS filters and filter/dryers carry the Rosenmund name, a brand synonymous with nutsche filtration expertise. Whether you’re looking for a smaller scale filter to perform simple benchtop testing, mid-size manual units for basic pilot plant operations or automated, large-capacity filter/dryers for full-size production, our equipment is built to optimize filter/dryer performance and efficiency. DDPS/Rosenmund filters and filter/dryers feature many unique design components that enhance the performance of the equipment to its fullest potential.


  • Unique agitator design maximizes processing of thick, wet or dry cakes
  • Universal filter plate enables use of all types of filter media
  • Side discharge valve eliminates cleanability issues
  • Heated filter plate and vessel walls enhance heat transfer for more efficient drying
  • Manual or PLC-based control options


  • Various materials of construction available to match your process needs and provide required level of corrosion resistance and process visibility (Hastelloy, stainless steel, glass-lined steel, glass)
  • High operating temperatures and pressures
  • Sizes ranging from 0.01 to 16m²
  • Pharmaceutical-grade vessel specifications

Drying Equipment

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Indirect dryers are typically a batch operation that involve hot fluid circulating through a jacket surrounding a sealed vessel that contains the product. This method is usually preferred for small or medium batches whose products risk containment or degradation by direct drying procedures. DDPS carries a wide range of dryer types that maximize product recovery, making them an ideal solution for high-value products. With quick cycle times, excellent product homogeneity and low residual moisture, our dryers will enable you to achieve your drying objectives.


  • Ideal for toxic or hazardous chemicals as well as products where exposure to the atmosphere is a concern
  • Unique vessel and agitator designs meet the most stringent pharmaceutical specifications
  • Designs suitable for multipurpose or dedicated processes
  • Agitator and chopper designs break up agglomerates while providing mixing
  • Manual or PLC-based control options


  • Various materials of construction available to match your process needs and provide required level of corrosion resistance (stainless steel, various alloys, glass-lined steel)
  • High operating temperatures and pressures
  • Sizes ranging from 25 to 60,000 liters (15,000 gallons)
  • Pharmaceutical-grade vessel specifications

Filtration and Drying Systems


DDPS can integrate any of our filtration equipment with process utilities, instrumentation, automation and controls and other peripheral components to create a fully-functioning, customized solution that meets the desired level of capabilities and sophistication needed to accomplish your processing objectives. Standalone equipment can provide a procurement hassle for many companies, as project engineers lack the expertise or bandwidth to self-navigate the ancillary needs of the process. The systems approach simplifies the complexity of a project by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and creating a "one-stop shop".


DDPS provides a full spectrum of project management and support, including:

  • Preliminary engineering and testing
  • Peripheral component integration
  • Product/project lifecycle support


  • Data-driven design plans ensure confidence in system performance from onset of project
  • Procurement of any third-party components is managed by DDPS
  • Technical support services extended beyond the installation of the system

Testing and Services

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In addition to equipment fabrication, DDPS can provide testing, rentals, and reconditioning services to ensure your filtration and drying needs are successfully carried out. Our knowledge and experience combined with test data assessment will ensure your system is optimized for your product. Whether you have existing equipment in need of modernization or a new process that requires product analysis, we can provide the evaluation and support you need to maintain the integrity and quality of your product.

Testing Advantages

  • Testing helps determine the best solution for:
    • Complex purification and washing requirements
    • Difficult product characteristics
    • Air/Moisture sensitive products 
  • Product analysis can be performed in-house at DDPS tech lab or at customer site 
  • Data obtained from testing gives vital insight for equipment recommendations and feasibility

Reconditioning Services Advantages

  • Optimize filter/dryer performance
  • Prevent cake cracking
  • Reduce loss of product issues
  • Address and fix any safety concerns
  • Improve reliability and efficiency of equipment
  • Save time and money over purchasing new equipment

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