Exhaust Gas Treatment

waste_gas_from_chemical_process (1)Wherever a gas stream is leaving a chemical process, the chemical components can be found in the stream. The amount of these chemical components depends on their vapor pressure and the process generating the waste gas stream. Either purification of the gas stream or recovery of the chemcial components can be the main objective.

While thermal treatment can solve the exhaust air problem, recovery of the escaping substances can only occur through adsorption, condensation and absorption. De Dietrich Process Systems offers a variety of solutions for these procedures.

Depending on the target components, concentration, and the accompanying substances, we select the most optimum process.  Some examples include:

  • Drying of SO2 or Cl2 using sulfuric acid
  • Absorption of HCl, HBr, SO3, and Cl2, Br2, SO2
  • Combined absorption of HCl and SO2
  • NOx waste gas treatment
  • NOx Absorption
  • Absorption of ethylene oxide or ammonia
  • Absorption and recovery of volatile organic components VOC as solvents

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