Vessel Mounted Samplers

Vessel Mounted Sampler Product Description

Vessel Mounted Sampling SystemThe Vessel Sampling System (VM 100) allows samples to be taken from a dip pipe mounted at the top of a vessel.  The three main versions differ based on their size and method of drawing the sample up the dip pipe.

Vessel Mounted Sampler Applications

The vessel sampling systems are ideal for the sampling of batch processing within reactors or storage vessels holding intermediate product or bulk chemicals.

Vessel Mounted Sampler Features

Vessel samplers can be supplied with all wetted parts manufactured from stainless steel or PTFE/PFA-lined components for corrosive media. Our vessel mounted sampling systems are varied in their construction and often designed to meet certain specific requirements of the customers existing plant. The sample can be drawn up the dip pipe using site vacuum, eductor, recirculating pump or pressure within the vessel.

Vessel Mounted Sampler Specifications

  • Temperature range up to 350ºF (180ºC)
  • Pressure up to 150 psig (10 bar)


The three main types of vessel mounted sampling systems offered by DDPS are:

Vessel Mounted Single Sampling System

Compact Recirculation Sampling System

Recirculation Sampling System

Vessel Mounted Single Sampling System

Single Sampling System Product Description

Vessel Mounted Sampling SystemSample is drawn from vessel up dip pipe using site vacuum. Sampler is cleared by nitrogen purge and / or wash liquor.

Single Sampling System Features

  • PTFE / PFA lined components for use with corrosive medias
  • Stainless steel for non corrosive applications
  • Many different sight glass volumes
  • Floating hollow PTFE ball acting as non return sight glass
  • Robust Aromac PFA lined valve for long service
  • Spare flange connection for future upgrade
  • Manifolds are PFA lined stainless steel with flanged connections - so are very robust

Single Sampling System Specifications

  • Standard design rated to 350ºF (180ºC) at 150 psig (10 bar)


  • Cabinets can be fitted to any sampler
  • Wide range of materials of construction available
  • Catchpots can be integrated 

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Compact Recirculating Sampling System

Compact Recirculating Sampling System Product Description

Ultra Compact Vessel SamplerThis sampling system was engineered specifically for plant areas with minimal space.  The compact design is safe, accessible and easy for the operator to use.  All components are stainless steel or nickel coated for external protection and cleanliness. The standard design includes:

  • In-line sampling device with self draining flow path
  • Air operated diaphragm pump
  • Elbow bulls eye sight glass with instrumentation port
  • Inlet isolation valve with flush/purge port above
  • 180 degree easy access sample cabinet for sample bottle with bunded base and ventilation
  • Continuously lined dip pipe with integral return flow instrument tee
  • Return flow isolation valve
  • Return flow PTFE hose

Compact Recirculating Sampling System Advantages

  • Recirculating system with no dead legs or areas for product hang up to ensure the sample is representative of the vessel contents
  • Angled flow path through valve to ensure fully self-draining
  • Reduced space envelope design
  • Safety cabinet with 180 degree access designed for ease of operator use and secondary containment in case of bottle failure
  • Bulls Eye sight glass to see the sample
  • Location port for probes and other instrumentation
  • Flush system for complete cleaning between samples to avoid cross-contamination

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Vessel Mounted Recirculating Sampling System

Recirculating Sampling System Product Description

  • Recirculating Sampling SystemDesigned to be mounted to a reactor dip pipe
  • Sample can be discharged back into the vessel either through a separate nozzle or as shown here through an instrument tee back around the outside of the dip pipe.
  • Diaphragm pump firstly creates vacuum to draw sample up dip pipe and then recirculates it through the system.

Recirculating Sampling System Features

  • All wetted parts PTFE / PFA / Borosilicate glass - No metallic wetted parts used.
  • Sample dispensing valve of globe type allowing no product hold up cw spring return safety handle.
  • Robust PFA lined flanged manifold ports for nitrogen and wash introduction.
  • Top manifold has spare top connection to allow future upgrade for fitment of pH probe, pressure gauge etc.
  • Integral stainless steel safety cabinet housing bottle adaptor.

Recirculating Sampling System Advantages

  • Offers full representative sampling.
  • Atomac PFA lined valves used for isolation are extremely robust and offer large bores for use with slurries.


  • All valves can be automated.

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