Equipment Refurbishment and Upgrades




moz-screenshot-109An emerging trend in process solutions is finding new ways to maximize profits through green initiatives. DDPS' capability to refurbish equipment - from individual products to entire systems – proves to be a valuable option to reduce expenditures and implement environmentally friendly operations.  We can help you optimize all aspects of your process and get the most out of your equipment.

Refurbished equipment refers to the renovation and upgrade of old, out-dated, or minimally defective equipment.  DDPS can take your equipment and perform various repairs, part replacement, reassembly and upgrades while completely maintaining or enhancing the original identity and functionality and meeting or exceeding the original performance specifications.  In addition to the cost benefits of revamping equipment , there are also a number of benefits for any company looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

DDPS refurbished equipment and systems is remanufactured and certified to "like-new" condition and offers the same performance, quality, warranty, and support as new equipment.  Refurbished equipment advantages include:

  • moz-screenshot-110Significant cost savings compared to new equipment prices
  • Remanufactured, upgraded, tested, and certified to DDPS specifications
  • Increased energy efficiency resulting in production cost savings
  • Environmental friendlier process
  • Improved containment
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved cleanability/CIP (optional)
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Ability to change product for multi-purpose operations
  • Updated safety and environmental requirements
  • Updated validation and documentation
  • Reduction in production downtime caused by purchase and installation of a new machine

Refurbishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Reconfiguration of equipment layout
  • Repair/replacement of worn and damaged components
  • Cleaning of salvageable existing equipment
  • Modified agitation system
  • New structures and support

Optional upgrades can include:

For additional information on equipment and system refurbishment specific to our glass-lined steel product line visit our reglassing and jacket cleaning service pages. 

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