Inline Sampling


DDPS' range of inline samplers are designed to take a representative sample from a process pipeline. The sampling range includes volumetric samplers. Whether the process pipeline is running horizontally or vertically we have a range of sampling valves to suit.

Surface Mounted Sampling


The surface mount sampler is a new type of sampling valve which can be bolted on to the side or bottom of a vessel or large pipeline.  In the case of a vessel mount, the valve is bolted to a pad flange on the side of a vessel.

Vessel Mounted Sampling


Batch processing within reactors can be sampled with ease using DDPS' range of vessel mounted sampling systems. Samples are typically taken from a dip pipe mounted at the top of the vessel. The sample can be drawn up the dip pipe using a variety of methods:

  • Site vacuum
  • Eductor
  • Recirculating Pump
  • Pressure within the vessel

Each of the different methods have their advantages and disadvantages, our engineering team are at hand to discuss these before embarking on any particular build. Vessel samplers can be supplied with all wetted parts manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, our standard range of samplers has a temperature range up to 350ºF (180ºC) and pressure up to 150 psig (10 bar g). Our vessel mounted sampling systems are varied in their construction and often designed to meet certain specific requirements of the customers existing plant.

Sample Dispensing


Depending on the properties and hazard risk of the sample to be taken, DDPS offers a variety of dispensing solutions that can be tailored to best suit your process requirements.

DDPS uses a modular dispensing connection on all its sampling equipment so that different dispensing options can be easily connected to the sampling system. By using this modular sample dispensing approach we can best match the type of dispensing option supplied with the minimum of cost and effort to the your specific requirements for containment and operator safety.

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