Engineering Services & Project Management


De Dietrich Process Systems has a unique combination of products and process knowledge to design, engineer and build process systems for a large variety of applications. Experienced engineers are devoted to all stages of your project lifecycle, from the initial inquiry and preliminary engineering up to the commissioning, installation and start-up of the plant at your site. Streamlined project management and communication ensures schedule and budget control without impacting system integrity.


Our integrated systems project lifecycle consists of:
  • Preliminary / Basic Engineering
  • Process Development / Testing Facilities
  • Detail Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Installation and Start-up
  • Commissioning
  • Ongoing Support


  • Preliminary analysis allows you to better define the overall project economy prior to large commitments
  • Rental equipment and in-house testing capabilities aid to prove process feasibility without major capital expense
  • Single point contact simplifies communication
  • Decreased demand on your internal resources

Integrating Unit Operations

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Utilizing our core equipment, DDPS will work with your process objectives in mind to integrate process utilities, instrumentation, controls and other peripheral equipment to create a customized process solution. Covering many unit operations, our wide range of process technologies, auxiliary equipment and services provide process versatility and reliability. Whether your goals are to increase throughput and yield, or improve uptime or containment, we will help you select the best material of construction and system arrangement to meet your specific needs.


  • Lower engineering cost with equipment design and operation expertise
  • In-house manufacturing of critical components facilitates schedule and budget control
  • DDPS experience ensures confidence in auxiliary equipment integration, with hundreds of installations realized
  • Modular construction saves time and space



  • Mixing
  • Heat transfer
  • Distillation / Evaporation
  • Extraction
  • Filtration
  • Drying

Auxiliary/ Peripherals:

  • Temperature Control Modules / Chillers
  • Instrumentation / Controls
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Vapor & Solvent Recovery
  • Containment
  • Solids transfer / Handling


  • Skids/ Modular Construction
  • Installation support
  • Site Validation support

Process Solutions


DDPS offers unmatched process engineering solutions from problem solving existing processes, developing new processes, and/or incorporating DDPS patented processes to your facility. Many of our proven process technologies focus on proprietary knowledge of our materials of construction and core equipment capabilities. Test facilities and rental equipment facilitate process development with highly corrosive materials, or actual customer feed streams, to confirm not just feasibility and optimization, but safety and reliability. The project’s scope can vary to meet your requirements, with involvement of local project management and installation as well as global experts for process start-up and commissioning.


Process Technologies

Process Development/ Optimization

  • Test facilities
  • Rental Equipment
  • Preliminary process designs


  • Sustainable solutions for feed material recovery/ waste reduction
  • Ability to prove process technology (pilot / test facilities / rental equipment)
  • Proven technology (references) / warrantied solutions
  • Support from test to commissioning


Whether you're looking for a pre-engineered system or a customized solution, DDPS has the experience and capability to meet your unique process requirements. Our systems portfolio covers a broad spectrum of applications, arrangements/designs and scale with a scope of supply that is equally diversified. Here are a few projects that showcase some of the many technologies we specialize in.

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Specialty Chemical Production Plant

Four De Dietrich GLS OptiMix Reactors Systems, 200 & 500 gallon capacity with

  • Ta Overhead Condensers
  • Contained Solid Charging
  • HTM's
  • Automation and Controls
  • Full function Factory Acceptance Test with water batches

API Production Facility

Two 100 Gallon De Dietrich GLS OptiMix Reactors Systems with

  • QVF Glass Piping & Condensers
  • Custom layout for low ceiling installation

Specialty Chemical Production Plant

QVF Glass Process System with

  • 20 L agitated & jacketed reactor
  • 100L Charge/Hold Tank
  • Product Scrubber
  • Metered Charge System

Pharmaceutical Production Plant

Fully assembled, skid mounted Pilot scale Rosenmund Filter/Dryer w/ PLC controls with

  • Local control panels
  • Side discharge valve with offloader
  • Glove box for contained heel discharge

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