GlasLock® Agitator System


GlasLock glass-lined steel agitators maximize process flexibility by allowing blades to be installed, removed, and changed to various pitches, depending on what works best for the application at hand. From a maintenance perspective, GlasLock blades are desirable because individual blades can be replaced if they become damaged, not the entire agitator; hence, the mechanical seal isn’t disturbed and repair costs are minimized. GlasLock blades are especially ideal for installation through the manway of a closed-welded GL reactor; their properties are beneficial in CTJ and SA reactor series as well.  

OptiFoil, the newest design of GlasLock blades, combines the advantages of HydroFoil blades and Trapezoidal blades for optimized mixing. OptiFoil takes the features of these two designs and brings to the market a solution that ensures a high axial flow for suspension processes and also facilitates the operation of minimum volumes.  The pitch angle of these blades gives a smoother contact with the product than the vertical trapezoidal blades, and is specifically recommended to avoid the alteration of fragile crystals. 


  • Lined with 3009 glass for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Available in a variety of blade designs to meet various process requirements.
  • Single or multiple tiered shafts to optimize mixing at different volumes.



Additional advantages of this unique blade system include:

  • Improved product yield and quality
  • Reduced batch time and cost
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency by up to 30%
  • Interchangeable with competitive agitators (for DTW, RW and SRW drives)
  • Simple installation with easy to use tools, no hazardous cryogenic fluids to handle
  • New blade designs can be retrofitted to existing GlasLock agitator shafts

One-Piece Construction Agitators

One-piece construction agitators have a restricted field of application because they need a large opening to be installed, and encounter additional issues including sealing problems, difficulty cleaning, and mandatory dismantling of the drive for any maintenance. Still, there are certain applications in which this design is sufficient.


  • Range of blade designs including impeller, turbine, anchor and frame
  • Chevron Agitators available for conical vessels
one piece agitator composite

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