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From the simplest to the most complex chemical reaction processes, De Dietrich Process Systems can design, engineer and construct stand-alone vessels or complete, customized reactor systems to meet clients’ individual requirements, with the objective of doing so in the constraints of your budget without sacrificing equipment quality. We can provide the most comprehensive technical solutions in the most streamlined way to maximize equipment life and productivity and to achieve the greatest possible return on capital investment.

Engineered System VERI


Just some peripheral equipment that can be integrated into a system with your reactor  includes:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Distillation Overheads - Overheads of glass, glass-lined steel, and alloy materials of construction are available in a variety of arrangements for process requirements.
  • Feed and receiver vessels
  • Temperature Control Modules
  • Vacuum systems
  • Phase separators
  • Reactor bottom lift devices
  • Additional instrumentation/transmitters
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Electronic speed indicators
  • Weighting cells for reactor, feed, and distillate vessels
  • Controls and Automation



Benefits of systemizing your reactor with DDPS peripherals include:

  • Modularization
  • Quality equipment assurance
  • Superior support services
  • Single-source accountability

Nozzle Accessories and Instrumentation


The top head of a reactor is prime real estate for various accessories and instrumentation that can elevate your process and help you to reach your production goals more efficiently.  The following are options of available to add to your reactor head:

  • Baffle technology to optimize your mixing performance, including the OptiMix wall-mounted baffle, BeaverTail baffle, and dip pipe baffle that functions as a baffle, dip pipe and temperature measurement, freeing an additional nozzle for process piping.
  • Temperature Sensors – Completely glass-lined, our temperature measuring probes have a short response time and are externally removable for reduced downtime.
  • QuickViewPort and Flexlight Bundle – Illuminate and view into a vessel through one port, allowing the reactor nozzle to be used as a sight glass, charge port, spray nozzle port, light port, test vessel, and for powder addition, glove box isolation, and vessel sampling.
  • Clean-in-Place Systems - A spray ball system, installed and certified with a Riboflavin Test, ensures thorough cleaning of the vessel walls, nozzles, agitator and baffles for batch to batch cleanability.
  • pH Probes - offer a fast and accurate way to measure the pH of a product in an agitated reactor or tank.
  • Powder Pump - our contained solids charging solution is designed to safely transfer powder into your reactor, while maintaining important aspects of the process including product integrity and operational safety.
  • Gasket Tape - GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000 (S1000*) addresses all the challenges of reliably sealing large glass-lined steel flanges.  Made of 100% ePTFE, this highly conformable tape is chemically inert, and maintains an extra tight seal to provide chemical protection across the full width.

 Access / Outlet Options

Here are some of the many options we offer for manway openings:

  • QuickViewPort and Flexlight Bundle – Illuminate and view into a vessel through one port, allowing the reactor nozzle to be used as a sight glass, charge port, spray nozzle port, light port, test vessel, and for powder addition, glove box isolation, and vessel sampling.
  • Safety Clamp - Designed for safety and efficiency, the safety clamp only unthreads so far and then stops, eliminating the potential for the clamp to separate into pieces and possibly damage the vessel.
  • EasyLift Manway Cover Assist - spring operated for ease of use, the manway cover assist can make a real difference in the safety and economy of operating glass-lined steel reactors and tanks.
  • Our range of manual and pneumatic valves effectively control the flow of liquids, gases and slurries in your equipment and enable dead-space-free self-draining to achieve full product discharge.
clean valve

Jacket and Insulation Options


Despite their numerous advantages, glass-lined reactors have the drawback of relatively low thermal conductivity. To offset this shortcoming, jackets  and insulation are used to assist in heating and cooling vessels. Heat transfer fluids are passed through vessel jackets to add or remove heat to and from the process. When combined, jackets and insulation have a significant impact on the batch time and overall operating cost.  Options include:

  • Conventional or HemiCoil Jackets - Improve heat transfer rates, reduce batch times, and cut operating costs.  Half coil jacket insulation is available in one or two circuits and up to three zones.
  • Insulation and Sheathing - This option compliments high internal reactor performance and increases reaction efficiency by helping to maintain temperatures.  With a standard thickness of 100 mm, our insulation options include:
    • Sheathing on shell and bottom head in stainless steel 304
    • Rockwool
    • Inspection port

Mobile Accessories

Portable carts housing peripheral components for additional processing functionality provide a versatile way to service multiple vessels and address space constraints.

  • Dosing carts can be used to pump process liquids into a reactor or process vessel in a controlled fashion.
  • Vacuum carts are available to control the vacuum level in a reactor or process vessel.
  • The Mobile Powder Pump System conveys solids into multiple locations using only a single powder handling system that is mounted on a mobile trolley.
mobile powder pump

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