Glass-lined Pipes and Fittings


To control corrosion, preserve product purity and ensure easy cleaning and smooth flow, De Dietrich glass-lined pipe and fittings provide a "full circle" of protection.


The superior De Dietrich acid/alkali resistant glass coating is suitable for most process materials.


De Dietrich glass-lined pipe and fittings are made with the same care and workmanship used on all our equipment. All pipe and fittings are made from low carbon seamless steel pipe with forged-steel stub ends. Blind flanges and spacers are also of steel construction. All pipe is made to order. De Dietrich glass-lined pipes are supplied with loose split flanges. The glass lining covers the inner wall and stub end faces.


  • Broad range of corrosion resistance
  • Non-permeable lining. No problem when handling chemicals that can permeate fluoropolymer piping, attacking the steel substrate and contaminating the lining
  • Tough glass lining not subject to "liner collapse due to full vacuum at high temperatures
  • Smooth "non-stick" lining provides a very low coefficient of friction, making it ideal for handling sticky, viscous products that could adhere to other linings
  • Glass-lined steel pipe and fittings will not effect the purity, color or flavor of your product


  • Diameters from 1 1/2" to 8"
  • Lengths up to 196"
  • Suitable for 150 psig (10 bar) maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP)


  • Sight boxes
  • Jacketed and unjacketed pipe
  • Larger sizes upon request

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QVF SUPRA-Line Component System


The QVF SUPRA-Line component system reflects the continued evolution of our borosilicate glass range of products.  This latest development results in a complete system of borosilicate glass products that are compatible with both the former KF and WPR systems.


  • Better visibility of processes inside the system.
  • Compatibility with existing systems, which allows additions onto systems already in use.
  • Increased Safety – including higher pressure/temperature ratings and engineered flanges and connections.
  • Improved Design – including new patent pending spring elements, a simplified grounding method, cleaner valve designs, and much more.

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NEW!! DDPS now offers glass repair. Read our news post for more information.

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