The World of QVF SUPRA-Line


Supra S

The QVF SUPRA-Line component system reflects the continued evolution of our borosilicate glass range of products.  This latest development results in a complete system of borosilicate glass products that are compatible with both the former WPR2002 and KF SCHOTT flange systems.  

Key Features

  • Better visibility of processes inside the system.
  • Compatibility with existing systems, which allows additions onto systems already in use.
  • Increased Safety – including higher pressure/temperature ratings and engineered flanges and connections.
  • Improved Design – including new patent pending spring elements, a simplified grounding method, cleaner valve designs, and much more.

Connection of QVF SUPRA-Line with WPR2002 in the nominal sizes DN50 and DN300 using the existing flange ring:


Connection of QVF SUPRA-Line with KF in the nominal sizes DN50 and DN300:


Connection of QVF SUPRA-Line with KF in the nominal size DN300 using the existing flange ring:


QVF SUPRA-Line Optimized Valves


New catalog containing optimized components

  • Higher pressures also for larger dimensions, higher level of safety
  • Ball/socket and flat flange piping to be combined in any manner
  • New ON/OFF valves, with low dead volume
  • Optimized Vessels (L/D), Triple-wall vessels, nozzles, standard bottom outlet valve with low dead volume
  • Optimized shell and tube heat exchangers, applicable up to 6 bar, GMP
  • Process-optimized column components, larger free cross sectional area, grids, with full technical data provided

QVF SUPRA-Line P-Series

The QVF SUPRA-Line P-Series is an extension of QVF SUPRA-Line.  It contains:

  • Plastic couplings for SUPRA-Line glass flanges up to DN300
  • SUPRA-Line components with incorporated coupling such as valves
  • SUPRA-Line bellows with PU-coated flanges drilled for plastic flanges


QVF SUPRA-Line Catalog


PDFThe World of QVF Supra Line  (14 MB)

QVF S pipe

PDFTechnical Information (1.5 MB)

SUPRA-Line pipeline components

PDFPipeline Components (2.2 MB)

SUPRA-Line Valves and Filters

PDFValves & Filters (2.7 MB)

SUPRA-Line Vessels

PDFVessels & Stirrers (2.5 MB)

SUPRA-Line Heat Exchangers

PDFHeat Exchanger (2.3 MB)

SUPRA-Line Column Components

PDFColumn Components (14 MB)

SUPRA-Line Stirrers

PDFStirrers (1.5 MB)

SUPRA-Line Measurement and Control

PDFMeasurement & Control  (1.7 MB)

SUPRA-Line Couplings

PDF Couplings (1.7 MB)

SUPRA-Line Structures and Support

PDFStructures & Supports (1.5 MB)
moz-screenshot-125P-Series (Plastic) _Components (1.2 MB)

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