Agitated Nutsche Filters and Filter/Dryers


De Dietrich Process Systems’ Agitated Nutsche Filters and Filter/Dryers are totally enclosed vessels designed to separate solids and liquid by deep bed filtration utilizing pressure or vacuum. After separation, the solids can be washed and purified using liquid displacement, also known as a plug flow wash, or by agitating with fresh wash liquid. Finally, drying can be accomplished by heating the vessel and introducing vacuum or by heating pressurized gas and flowing through the filter cake. The unit operations performed are fully enclosed to ensure an odorless, contamination-free, and nonpolluting environment for operators. The agitated filter and filter/dryers are fully automated solutions and can support non-traditional process requirements including extraction, decolorization, and some reactions or crystallizations.


  • "S" blade agitator - performs mixing of solids, re-slurry of solids, cake smoothing, and discharge
  • ROSENMUND "Gas Knife" technology for total discharge
  • Two Piece Vessel designs for ease of maintenance, filter media installation, and equipment inspection
  • Automated Bayonet Quick Lock provides for operator independent opening and closing of the filter base. 
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) and cake washing devises located inside the vessel for efficient washing of the wet cake and cleaning the vessel.
  • ROSENMUND Metal-to-Metal Discharge Valve design for reliable sealing in a solid’s laden environment.
  • Fully automated designs allow for a safe and reliable operator experience. 
  • Integration with Discharge or sampling isolators for contained operations
  • Peripheral systems available for hydraulic power, heat transfer, and vacuum/vapor recovery


  • Sizes ranging from 15 liters to 30,000 liters enables both production and pilot scale operations. 
  • Range of MOCs provide corrosion resistance (Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and Glass lined).
  • Ability to handle hazardous products (OEB 5)
  • Contained discharge and packaging maintains product purity.
  • Blending of product possible before discharging.
  • Cost and space savings of streamlining multiple process steps in one vessel. 
  • Fully automated solutions
  • RoLab design for standard pilot scale applications.

Manual Nutsche Filters


De Dietrich Process Systems’ Manual Nutsche Filters are intended to provide point of use deep bed filtration in a reliable and efficient manner. The totally enclosed vessels are designed to separate solids and liquid utilizing pressure or vacuum with the added ability to perform simple washing operations. If needed the product can also be dried using convection drying techniques. Whether manufactured in QVF borosilicate glass, De Dietrich glass-lined steel or alloy construction, our Manual Nutsche Filters can address your simple solid-liquid separation needs.

Manual Filter Features

ROMAN Nutsche Filter

  • Filter plate designed to withstand pressure above the filter plate and full vacuum below, allowing a greater differential.
  • Mobile - only one cart assembly is needed for all ROMAN Filter sizes, minimizing required storage.
  • Dual flange design allows for easy inspection
  • Pharmaceutical design - it is completely suitable for CIP and WIP with no crevices or product hold-up areas.
  • Volumes from 30 to 225 liters (higher with customer sizes)
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 90 psig (6 bar)
  • All metal surfaces are of a high polish finish - 10 to 20 Ra internal, 20 to 30 Ra external
  • Jacketed shell and base as an option

QVF Glass Filter

  • All process wetted parts are non-metallic, such as borosilicate glass and PTFE, thereby providing superior corrosion resistance, product purity and process visibility.
  • From 12” to 24” in diameter and up to 70-liter fill volume.
  • Manual vessel lifting/lowering/swivel for access to cake and filter media
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 14.5 psig (1.0 bar g) depending on size
  • Temperatures from -4°F (-20ºC) to 250°F (120ºC)
  • Agitation Systems available based on application

De Dietrich Glass-Lined Filter

  • Available up to 48” in diameter and 140 Gallons as standard (additional sidewall height available for increased volume)
  • Fire-polished easy to clean, anti-corrosive glass-lined interior
  • Top head and bottom head are clamped on and completely removable for full access, featuring retaining cable holds for operational safety.
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 100 psig (6.6 bar)
  • Jacketed shell as an option
  • Top head lifting davit for ease of open/close
  • Reactor style agitators available based on application.

Laboratory Filters

filtration-drying-supporting-image-2 (1)

Laboratory testing is a critical component of process validation and optimization, and for many companies this can be an expensive and timing consuming task. De Dietrich Process Systems can provide a solution to this problem utilizing our bench-top and laboratory scale filters. Our laboratory scale units allow for fast, safe, and reliable testing giving our customers the ability to make smarter, more cost-effective, optimization and scale up choices.


  • Bench-top solid/liquid separation testing
  • Testing under pressure or vacuum
  • Verification of product quality
  • Filter media selection criteria
  • Optimization of process parameters (filtration pressure or vacuum levels)
  • Scale up of deep bed filtration processes


  • Standard ROSENMUND “PocketFilter” design
  • Ease of filter media change out to speed testing
  • Standard “PocketFilter” available in 316L, HC-22, and borosilicate glass.
  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain
  • Cost effective testing using reduced product volumes
  • Full scalability of deep bed filtration and washing
  • Small and easily transported
  • Pressures to 90 psig/FV in alloy construction and 60 psig in borosilicate glass
  • Safety relief provided for all glass units
  • Heating jacket standard on alloy units and optional on borosilicate glass units

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