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The Company

De Dietrich Process Systems is composed of the organizations formerly known as De Dietrich Glass Lining, Rosenmund-Guedu, and QVF Process Systems.

Through the integration and synergies of these three companies, De Dietrich Process Systems has become one of the most comprehensive global suppliers of engineered systems, equipment and services for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Worldwide there are more than 1,100 people and fifteen subsidiaries that form a network to serve our customers.



Our Mission

De Dietrich Process Systems’ mission is to contribute to making it possible for essential businesses to build a better world by:




Providing the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with technological solutions optimized to ensure quality, reliability, safety, cleanability and energy consumption



Providing complete solutions for greater containment of operations, especially in terms of operational safety, operator health and well-being, product quality, environmental protection, and production tool sustainability



Supporting the green chemistry industry by providing it with specialized equipment and solutions, so that it can develop and contribute to health and environmental challenges



Worldwide Locations


De Dietrich Process Systems is bringing our solutions to industry leaders from around the world. With multiple locations worldwide, our strong global network provides unparalleled service and support to our customers. You can find our team of dedicated professionals in locations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. No matter where you're based, De Dietrich is close by and ready to help.

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