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De Dietrich Process Systems is composed of the organizations formerly known as De Dietrich Glass Lining, Rosenmund-Guedu, and QVF Process Systems. Through the integration and synergies of these three companies, De Dietrich Process Systems has become one of the most comprehensive global suppliers of engineered systems, equipment and services for the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Worldwide there are more than 1,100 people and fifteen subsidiaries that form a network to serve our customers.

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The company is founded

King Louis XVI granted De Dietrich the first industrial trademark — the hunting horn — to prevent counterfeiting


The first glass-lined cast-iron vessels were produced in Zinswiller plant


De Dietrich moved into automobile construction and hired Ettore Bugatti in 1902


Expansion to the US


De Dietrich Purchased Rosenmund Guedu


De Dietrich Purchased QVF Process Systems, Inc.


De Dietrich Process Systems is formed from the combination of De Dietrich Glass-Lining, Rosenmund Guedu and QVF Process Systems.


Development of powder handling technology with the introduction of the Powder Pump

Glass lining manufacturing plant opened in Wuxi, China


Opening of our second plant in Wuxi, China


Acquisition of Zean Engineering


Partnership with Alysophil for Continuous Flow Chemistry

Partnership with CSV Life Science for Drum Containment Products


Partnership with PTSC for New Batch Reactor System



"DDPS is a small, family-like company where ‘you’ matter. You are not just an employee. Working in this type of business allows me to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I am part of a solution for the greater good of humanity. Our equipment helps process medications, vaccines, chemicals, and other components that help humanity up our level of functionality."

- Jennifer Branco, Senior Buyer


"I have been with DDPS for about a year and a 
half, coming from a sales position at another manufacturing company. At my previous job I felt I did not have any balance while also feeling underappreciated and undervalued. That completely changed once I started here, and I wake up each day excited to go to work. I am constantly learning new things and 
I have amazing support from my manager."

- John Delserro, Aftermarket Sales Representative


"One thing that has impressed me working at DDPS is that we always stand behind our product. I enjoy working with our customers to get them back on the right track and up and running. If you are looking for a career that is like nothing out there then look at DDPS. We are a niche company that provides goods and services to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries all over the world. If you are a self-starter and get a satisfied feeling from helping out customers then you’ll fit in here."

- Mark Banfield, Field Service Manager


"I have been in engineering and design for 25 years and without doubt DDPS has been the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. If you aspire to be 
part of a team with some of the best talent and commitment in the industry, then without any doubt, DDPS is the place to be. A place where ideas are listened to, not just heard. DDPS is truly focused on employee health and wellness along with workplace improvements."

- Billy Hagler, Design Engineer/Project Manager, Powder Transfer and Containment Systems


Our mission is to improve people’s health and protect the planet through innovative solutions in operational safety, product quality, and environmental protection, supporting activities in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, plant chemistry, and waste recycling.

Recent Sustainability Initiatives

  • Implemented a water recycling program in Texas by installing a water tank for hydrotesting equipment, aiming to cut water use by 50%.
  • Conducted a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment across all production sites globally in 2021, leading to the development of an ambitious decarbonization strategy with detailed action plans for the upcoming years.
  • Achieved a 25% reduction in energy consumption through awareness campaigns, energy audits, and upgrades to more efficient heating systems among other initiatives.
  • Advanced our commitment to renewable energy by installing solar panels for self-consumption at our Semur and Zinswiller sites, with further installations planned for Wuxi, China.

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A World of Opportunities Awaits at De Dietrich Process Systems

At DDPS, we foster a diverse and inclusive culture, blending innovation with meaningful work. Our ethics of respect, integrity, and transparency cultivate a vibrant, collaborative workplace. Ready for a rewarding career where your contributions matter? Explore the exciting opportunities on our Careers page and join our forward-thinking team.

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