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The Clean Valve is a bottom flush valve designed for use on glass-lined, Stainless Steel, or hastelloy reactors and tanks.  This easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean, self-draining valve allows for a variety of functions without the need to interrupt the process and without dismantling the valve.


The Clean Valve is ideal to use in any process where batch-to-batch cleanability is important. 


  • A - Valve seat design prevents material getting between the seat and the bottom outlet nozzle
  • B - Additional side nozzle for cleaning lance or other purposes (e.g. sampling, gas dispersion)
  • C - Chevron packing with o-rings for seal and cleanability in place of difficult-to-clean bellows
  • D - Valve body designed to drain completely
  • E - UniTIP® head and stem with temperature sensor that can be replaced without having to remove the valve from service
seal close up


The Clean Valve has been designed with the most rigorous cleaning operations in mind. The valve seat seals against the bottom outlet nozzle to prevent any collection or build-up of materials in the annular area between the valve seat and nozzle wall. An additional port with a 5º downward sloping angle has been built into the valve to facilitate cleaning of the internal components and body.  The Clean Valve is able to accommodate an RT or TC sensor at the lowest point in the vessel for a more accurate and reliable temperature measurement.  The glass-lined steel design of the Clean Valve ensures no metal contamination of the process fluid and enables use across a wide temperature and pressure range. 


  • Available sizes include 2”/1½”, 3”/2”, 4”/3”, 6”/4”
  • Maximum pressure 150 psig
  • Temperatures from -150°F (-75°F for glass-lined valves) up to 400°F (450°F upon request)


  • Manual, actuated in-line and actuated low-profile types (shown above in diagram - F)
  • Glass-Lined, Stainless Steel, or other specialty alloy materials of construction
  • 45° or 60° outlet nozzle
  • Fire safe model
  • Various accessories - emergency manual control, limit switch, positioner, quick exhaust valve, solenoid control valve, tubular sight glass, spray nozzle

Glass-Lined Flush Bottom Outlet Valves


All DDPS glass-lined valves are made of cast steel coated with our standard 3009 Glass enamel identical to the reactors on which they are installed.  Wetted parts feature the same characteristics of all other glass-lined equipment including resistance to corrosion, thermal and mechanical shock.  All other parts in contact with the process are made of fluoropolymer (PTFE, PFA).


Our glass-lined flush bottom outlet valves are available for the following fittings:

  • PN16,
  • ANSI 150
  • JIS 10K-

Ceramic Plug Valves


Unlike PTFE-lined plug valves, our chemical ceramic lining adds assurance and durability to virtually any process, providing maximum corrosion resistance, longer valve life and less chance of leaks.


The heavy duty design of our ceramic plug valve is ideal for even the most difficult CPI applications.


The key feature of our ceramic plug valves is 3/8" chemical ceramic internals, highly polished to avoid friction. The valve is encased in a tough, ductile iron armor which is coated with corrosion resistant paint.


  • The easy open design allows top acess for quick and simple seat replacement.
  • Superior corrosion resistant ceramic lining eliminates pinholing, peeling, permeation, and plug swelling
  • Liner collapse in vacuum service is also eliminated.


  • Sizes from 3/4" to 6"
  • Pressures up to 200 psig (13.3 bar)
  • Temperatures up to 300ºF (150ºC)

Glass Valves

For reaction units constructed around QVF glass reactors or special reactors from the VERI range, we use a DN40 glass valve in which the PTFE piston is directly applied without a seat to the enameled reactor flange.


Side Discharge Valves



  • Metal-to-metal sealing principle ensures long life of the product.  
  • Does not require hydraulic pressure to stay closed.
  • Easy maintenance for both vessel and plug side.


  • Metal-to-Metal Seal
  • Rotary Screw Drive
  • Pressure Capabilities
  • Hinge
  • Monorail
  • Hydraulic Actuation
  • Threaded spindle locking concept

Easy Clean Side Discharge Valves


Clean Seal, the new Rosenmund side discharge valve, is designed with a sealing system that eliminates contact between metallic sealing seats and products to be discharged.


  • Sealing ring squeezed in the valve seat
  • Sealing surface not plated
  • Blowing/CIP nozzles to clean the sealing surface


  • No problem anymore with leaky side discharge valves
  • Can be retrofitted on existing machines
  • Rosenmund standard design can be kept
  • Self adjustment of the metallic sealing
  • cGMP design with minimized dead space
  • No manual cleaning of the seats is needed (gain of time, safety and product quality

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