Mobile Powder Pump System


The Mobile Powder Pump System allows an end user to convey solids into multiple locations using only a single powder handling system. The complete system is mounted on a mobile trolley and includes a vacuum pump, controls, process valves and a Powder Pump unit. Compressed gas and electrical utilities are made via two quick and easy connections.



  • Stand-alone unit is ergonomically designed for mobile operation (can include forklift channels for moving between buildings and storage).
  • One connection between trolley and Powder Pump unit once installed.
  • Pneumatic or PLC based system controls.
  • Ideal for R&D facility or CDMO where investment costs are critical, and equipment is multi-functional.
  • Can be used with modular gloveboxes and other equipment.
  • Designed per area classification (Class 1 or 2, Division 1 or 2)
  • Cantilevered design option allows Powder Pump to remain on cart while in use.


  • Ability to charge several reactors with one system.
  • Maintains product quality, operator safety and environmental protection.
  • Compact and easy to move and assemble.
  • Limited investment and fast ROI.

FDA Compliant Filters

pharma design FDA filters composite


  • Static dissipative fibers embedded in the substrate.
  • Membrane technology designed to provide excellent filtration efficiency, airflow, and durability.
  • Chemical resistant substrate.
  • Special multifilament scrim design.
  • Sanitary heat-sealed packaging labeled for quality tracking.
  • Easily maintained with tool-free access for filter changeout


  • Suitable for all FDA regulated service.
  • Good all-around chemical resistance, especially in applications operated below 79°C (175°F)
  • Excellent dimensional stability and resistance to mechanical damage over the life of the filter

Pneumatic & PLC-Based Controls

Pneumatic and PLC Controls composite


  • Customer authorization interlock to restrict inadvertent operation of the system.
  • Auto and manual mode for maintenance purposes.
  • Cycle counter to alert periodic filter inspection or replacement.
  • All control systems are factory tested and verified prior to shipment.
  • Full documentation of panel fabrication, software, pneumatics, and wiring included.                                                      


  • Ability to make operational timing adjustments during system operation.
  • Can be customized to specific applications.
  • Optional remote operation further ensures operator safety.

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