Preliminary Engineering & Testing


A critical factor in system design is ensuring your material will pneumatically transfer reliably, efficiently, and at the rates and distances required. To help address these criteria, DDPS can provide preliminary engineering and testing at our Charlotte, NC facility where we utilize a QVF borosilicate glass Powder Pump and transparent transfer hoses to visually assess:

  • fill rates and cycle time setting
  • filter media performance
  • ease of material discharge
  • material flow characteristics

Solids Handling Component Integration


Key areas covered with a typical powder handling system include:

  • Contained vessel charging via Powder Pump
  • Contained drum unloading
  • FIBC and small bag unloading stations
  • Discharge Hopper & Fluidizing System design
  • Receiving vessels (reactors, filter/dryers)
  • Containment / Dust collection
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Mobile Powder Pump units to accommodate multiple vessels
  • PLC-based System Controls
  • WIP / CIP / SIP cleaning systems

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Product / Project Lifecycle Support


Technical support and services available include:

  • Equipment Warranties
  • Recommended spare parts for minimal downtime
  • Preventive maintenance plans
  • Field Service
  • Hands on training
  • Documentation

On-Demand Powder Handling Webinar


Bag Dump Station and Powder Pump with Loss-in-Weight Feeder


For this project, a complete, integrated system was supplied that allowed powder to be charged into a bag dump station, pneumatically conveyed up to a charge hopper and then metered into the raw material stream via a loss-in-weight feeder. The project scope included:

  • pneumatic-assist bag handling unit
  • mezzanine structure for equipment installation and maintenance access

Pneumatic Conveying System


Solved customer’s main issues of dust and bridging. Scope of supply included:

  • One (1) vacuum bag lift assist
  • Two (2) glove box/bag dump stations with fluidizing hopper and integral dust collection
  • Infeed belt conveyors with foot pedal controls
  • Integral bag compactors for bag disposal
  • Rigid stainless steel tubing for transfer line with hose end connections
  • Two (2) three-way diverter valves to enable feeding to multiple destinations
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control System designed to communicate with mixer system
  • Three (3) Custom Powder Pump with internal fluidizing media to ensure product does not bridge during discharge
  • Valve assemblies for Pressure Gas/Vacuum control
  • Two (2) Atlas Copco GVS 470 Vacuum Pumps with magnehelic gauges on filters

Powder Charging System


Project scope:

Powder Prep Rooms (2)
  • Multiple Bulk Bag Stations
  • Multiple Bag Dump Stations
  • Nitrogen Distribution System
  • Compressed Air Distribution System
  • Complete PLC Control System
Mixing Rooms (2)
  • 2 Indexing Rail Systems to Position Multiple Powder Pumps
  • 2 Weighing Hoppers
  • 2 Mixers
  • Multiple Liquid Distribution and Control Systems
  • Compressed Air Distribution System
  • Complete PLC Control System


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