Glass and Glass-Lined Steel Columns

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Columns are complex units that combine many structural elements. The two main types of columns are tray columns and packed columns, the latter equipped with either random or structured packing.  Different types of distillation columns are used for different processes, depending on factors such as the desired liquid holdup, capacity (flow rates), and pressure drop.  De Dietrich Process Systems offers columns in two materials of construction:

Glass-Lined Steel Columns

Glass Columns

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Glass-Lined Steel Columns

Glass-Lined Steel Column Product Description

Glass-lined columns

DDPS has long history and experience in designing column systems to meet individual requirements.  Our columns are manufactured to handle the toughest applications.  In addition to the standard assemblies, DDPS can also fabricate special designs for customer’s specific process requirements, including special conical, eccentric, stepped and angled column sections.

Glass-Lined Steel Column Features

Clamps, gaskets, split flanges and bolting are all supplied  with a complete column system.

Glass-Lined Steel Column Specifications

  • Diameters from 6” (150 mm) to 84” (2130 mm)
  • Lengths up to 236” (6000 mm)


Column plate
  • Glass-lined support plates (donut, perforated, slotted)
  • Conventional or HemiCoil® jackets
  • Insulation support rings
  • Stainless steel clamps, flanges, or bolting
  • Special gaskets (e.g.,  thicker, channel cut, U-cut, Monel inserts, etc.)
  • Concentric or eccentric reducers/expanders
  • Davited manway covers
  • Supports – side lugs, removable rings, or support skirts

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Glass Columns

Glass Column Product Description

Glass columns

Borosilicate glass columns have been used successfully for many years in the field of distillation operations mainly for the benefits of its anti-corrosive and transparent material of construction.

Glass Column Features

Glass distillation columns are normally filled with packing materials made of borosilicate glass, but other packing materials can also be supplied.  Cooling arrangements for the distillate can use either shell and tube or coil type heat exchangers.

Glass Column Specifications

  • Diameters from 3" (80 mm) to 40" (1000 mm)
  • Heights up to 100 ft (30 meters)
  • Operate at atmospheric pressure or at high vacuum 


  • Durapack - a structured glass packing with outstanding separation properties, ideal for processes that require no metal.
  • Core-Tray support - provides a solution for the problem of metal-free support trays with a large free cross-section of 120%.
  • Liquid feeds based on the same Core-Tray design principle are also available.
  • Liquid collectors
  • Redistributors
  • Automatic control system
  • Reboiler vessels
  • Condensers
  • Boilers
  • Coolers  
  • Reflux separators and timers
  • Packing


Examples of Distillation Overheads for Production

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Distillation top with shell and
tube heat exchanger and
external reflux separator for
vessels above 630 liters.
Distillation top with shell and
tube heat exchanger and
external reflux separator for
vessels above 630 liters.



Falling condensation in the vacuum with receivers.                                                                                  Distillation columns with controlled reflux condition for concentration with random packing or DURAPACK



Distillation top with phase separator for azeotrope mixture. Optional interconnection of phases.  


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