Introducing a New Solution for Borosilicate Glass Repair

QVF pipeAre you in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry and struggling with glass repair? If so, you're not alone! For years, many companies have faced the expensive and time-consuming challenge of trying to repair borosilicate glass components. Typically, the only viable option has been to purchase a replacement part. Now, however, there is a new offering on the market to repair your glass quickly and economically.

We're excited to introduce a cost-effective approach to repairing borosilicate glass, offering a solution that will help you save on replacement costs and reduce downtime. We've seen the success of our solution in many of the companies we work with, and we're confident that it will provide an excellent solution to many of the issues faced in your industry.

Do you have damaged glass in need of repair?  Read our blog post on Repair Option for Borosilicate Glass Components or Contact us to learn more!