What baffle designs are available for glass-lined reactors?

Baffles come in many variations and based on your unique process objectives and product characteristics one design may be more suitable than another.

For the most part, baffles have a long, flat shape and are either nozzle-mounted via the top head of the reactor or mounted to the wall of the vessel.

  • Nozzle-Mounted - Traditional glass-lined baffles are designed to hang from the top head of the vessel’s flanges to ensure the integrity of the vessel lining. While this offers effective mixing, there are limitations and inefficiencies created by this arrangement. Since mounting flanges are needed for process monitoring, insertion of cleaning devices, and the introduction of reactants, no more than two baffles are typically used due to the limited space in the head.
  • Wall-Mounted - The wall-mounted baffle design (which DDPS calls OptiMix) solves the issues faced by traditional baffle installations by welding the reactor wall prior to coating all steel surfaces with glass. This new configuration employs three glass-lined baffles, rather than the single baffle used in conventional glass-lined equipment.