What is OptiMix-HE and how is it different from a regular OptiMix baffle?

Recently, the range of the OptiMix reactors has expanded to provide improved heat transfer and reduced processing times. This new design, OptiMix-HE, circulates the thermal fluid contained in the half-coil reactor jacket through the baffles. This results in an increased heat transfer area of 25% or more enabling better homogeneity, faster thermal management, and shortened cycle times. The graph below shows the heat exchange comparison between a reactor with one nozzle-mounted baffle, the OptiMix reactor, and the OptiMix-HE reactor. The test was performed in HemiCoil jacketed 300 gallon GL reactors at an agitation speed of 110 rpm with sulfuric acid and 300°F thermal fluid.


OptiMix-HE graph 1

A hydrodynamic comparison was also run using the same test criteria with 45° flat blades:


OptiMix-HE graph 2