How can you safely obtain a product sample from a glass-lined vessel?

There are various methods available for obtaining a representative sample from a glass-lined reactor without any contamination through the usage of a dip pipe.

Batch processing within glass-lined reactors can be properly sampled with a range of vessel mounted sampling systems. Samples are typically taken from a dip pipe mounted at the top of the vessel. The sample can be drawn up the dip pipe using a variety of methods:

· Site vacuum

· Eductor/Venturi (When there is no site vacuum present on site, compressed gas can be used to power an eductor to create a vacuum within the vessel sampler sightglass chamber to draw a sample up through the dip pipe from the vessel.)

· Recirculating pump

· Pressure within the vessel

Each of the different methods have their advantages and disadvantages which can be further addressed when a sampling expert reviews your requirements.

Vessel mounted sampling systems are varied in their construction and often designed to meet certain specific requirements of the customer’s existing plant. (For example, when space is tight a compact vessel sampler is recommended.)