Why is reglassing a good option?

There are many advantages in choosing to reglass a vessel, but the primary ones are time and money.

From a cost perspective, because the carbon-steel pressure vessel is being salvaged, the cost to reglass a vessel is often less than half of what the vessel would be to purchase “new”. (The re-use of the vessel also fits well with many corporate sustainability programs.) Deliveries for reglassed equipment typically run two to three months – again, approximately half the time it takes to fabricate a new vessel from scratch. And some companies (like DDPS, for example) offer a warranty on the reglassing work that is equivalent to the one you get with new equipment purchases!

In addition to the time and money savings, you can use the reglassing process to make minor changes to nozzle layouts, add updated features like Optimix® baffles or factory-installed insulation and sheathing, or a variety of other changes to improve the functionality and appearance of your existing equipment.