Call for blog Topics – Send us your Ideas for a Chance to Win a Hat!

DDPS hat.jpgWe might be taking down our 2017 calendars and hanging up our 2018 ones (that is, if you are one of the few people like me that still uses a wall calendar), but in the world of blogging it’s simply another week of trying to generate new content. De Dietrich Process Systems has been blogging for over four years now and during that time we’ve developed a diverse collection of posts that focus on various topics within our areas of expertise.


In some ways, it seems we have a vast range of information to write about if you consider our different brands and numerous product lines that span over multiple technologies and industries. But we aren’t writing just for the sake of writing – we want to cover topics that you, our readers, want to know more about. We want to write about things that will help you get the most out of your equipment, provide advice to help you select the right components for your application, and offer optimization tips, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance assistance, and more.


The fact is, it’s not always easy coming up with new and exciting topics. (Because if we’re being honest, some of the subject matters in our book of business aren’t the most thrilling to write or read about!)  But our goal is always the same, week after week -  we want to write about topics that are interesting and helpful to you.  So what better way than to ask...what do you want us to write about? After all, as a blog reader you are our target audience so there’s no one better to answer this question than you!


Either comment on this blog post with any topic ideas you’d be interested in learning more about, or send me an email at If we select one of your recommendations, as a token of our thanks and appreciation we’ll send you a limited edition De Dietrich Process Systems camo hat like the one shown above! Thanks for helping us continue to make our blog an informative and collaborative forum for sharing equipment and systems-related content.


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