Facility Expansion Project

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This case study focuses on an expansive project that involved a complete engineering study in addition to supplying the equipment.
This customer has worked with De Dietrich Process Systems for many years, already having several reactors, glass systems and filter/dryers in operation at their plant.


The customer referenced is an API contract research and manufacturing organization located in the US.


The challenge for the customer was to expand their facility with the addition of a new Process Manufacturing building.
For this project, they turned to De Dietrich Process Systems to assist them with all of their process equipment and engineering needs. To design their process, the customer worked together with our engineers from Mountainside, Corpus Christi and Charlotte.

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Initially an engineering study was conducted to determine what equipment was to be included. As a result of that study, DDPS provided detailed proposals for all of the equipment. Once the detailed design was completed, all of the equipment was ordered and the skid assembly was completed over a five month period.  The skid was then shipped to the customer and installed in their new building with all of the other equipment that DDPS has supplied.

The suite contains the process skid that includes a 750 gallon glass-lined reactor, a 750 gallon Hastelloy reactor and a 500 gallon glass-lined receiver. Each reactor includes columns, tantalum main and vent condensers, Powder Pumps and Teflon-lined overheads.

In addition to the process skid, we also supplied a Hastelloy filter/dryer with stainless steel receiver, five temperature control modules, cooling tower with pumping station and three vacuum systems. The suite also includes programmable logic controllers that are networked together, so all of the equipment can be monitored and operated from any of the HMIs that were supplied. The control system was designed and supplied by our Control Engineers in Charlotte. 


Our customer is very satisfied of the work done by De Dietrich Process Systems and the coordination between the teams. In spite of this difficult time (the project was executed during the Covid crisis amidst supply chain issues and remote working), we succeeded in delivering this complete project. All around the world, De Dietrich Process Systems is able to take on projects and deliver complete systems, working hand-in-hand with the customer.

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