Pre-Assembled, Modular Filter/Dryer Skid

Filter dryer skid solidworks


This case study shows how De Dietrich Process Systems performed an upgrade on an R&D pilot plant while managing the complete installation and project organization in order to respect a strict shutdown period.

The customer was looking to upgrade their existing filter/dryers with state-of-the-art technology. We were able to provide filter/dryer equipment that addressed all the operating and cGMP demands of the customer, including multi-unit operation functionality, optimized heat transfer and total containment of solid discharge (utilizing heel recovery and solids sampling).


The customer referenced is a significant pharmaceutical producer in North America.  


The main issue for this project was finding a way to minimize the amount of time that the facility would be shut down during the construction of the upgraded processing area.

The design challenge for this project was to fulfill all aspects of cGMP and maintain optimum functionality while fitting the skid into an extremely limited envelope of available space. It was also important to the client to maintain good ergonomics for both operation and maintenance activities.

Finally, the client wanted all four skids to be identical in every way in order to simplify personnel training, subsequent operation and maintenance, and reduce spare parts inventory.

filter dryer drawing
Side discharge valve
Glove Box


De Dietrich Process Systems proposed to provide each filter/dryer as a pre-assembled skid. The skids would be designed with process and service pipework connections conveniently located at the edge of the skid, enabling simple installation with three easy steps: the unit could simply be dropped into place, bolted to the floor, connections made, and it would be ready to run.

For the four identical modules the scope of supply was:

  • Filter/Dryer with glove box for contained heel discharge and solids sampling
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • PLC control system with multiple panels for machine operation
  • All local process and service piping, valves and instruments
  • Support platform with lighting on the lower level for operator visibility
  • Electrical pre-wiring to junction boxes
  • Platform with support legs and access stairway
  • Validation documentation

DDPS engaged in a design approach with the client that satisfied both operational and maintenance requirements. From an operational perspective, the design met the clients need to have extensive process and service valves in reachable locations. The assembly also gave unobstructed access to key areas to enable future maintenance activities that will arise during the module’s life cycle, such as mechanical seal PM and dust filter replacement.

The complete design was undertaken in 3D, with regular reviews conducted with the client team, including representatives of all interested departments from operations and maintenance to process engineering and validation. Before shipment to the client's site, the complete modules were assembled in the factory and subjected to rigorous testing.


From module delivery to start-up, the installation of the skid was reduced to just one month. Commissioning and validation were completed in record time and the client realized significant project cost savings (upwards of 20%) over stick building on site.

The client received pre-assembled skids that encompassed all operational and maintenance requirements and process specifications. Installation, commissioning and validation time were significantly reduced, minimizing plant shutdown and production downtime.



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