Process Simulation & Pilot Testing


As an equipment and engineering services supplier, DDPS can provide you with a proven solution backed by process trails at our pilot test plant. With 30+ years of expertise, over 150 installations, and partnership with leading process simulation firms, we can ensure your system will perform to your expectations and meet production objectives.

The typical process to develop an evaporation system involves:

  • Discussion and exchange of process data on feed and required products. Questionnaires are available from DDPS to assist with this.
  • Simulation of the process by our process engineers.
  • Preliminary Process & Design Engineering to defined scope.
  • Development of proposal for evaporator up to a complete skid-mounted system.

The level of engineering prior to the purchase of a system can be assisted by DDPS with:

  • Basic Process Design packets with material, utility balances, and flow diagrams.
  • Basic & Detailed Engineering packets, expanding the above toinclude PID, General Arrangements, and more, depending on scope and deliverables.

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Peripheral / Component Integration


DDPS offers a range of evaporation systems that cover a full spectrum of process requirements. Through the integration of peripheral components, we can provide you with a complete solution that’s engineered in-house, by the people who know the equipment best. This not only saves you the time and hassle of working with multiple sources, but it also maximizes the performance and efficiency of your system.

Common evaporation system integrations include:

  • Distillation / rectification column systems
  • Heat transfer systems for heating and product cooling
  • Vacuum systems and vapor recovery systems
  • Distillate & bottoms product collection/ processing
  • Feed systems
  • Exhaust treatment
  • Modular construction to accommodate space and time constraints
  • Control systems

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Product / Project Life-Cycle Support


DDPS’ integrated systems approach takes project management and execution to the next level. After completing FAT and SAT testing and providing any additional validation services required, we see your project through installation and start-up, offering support.

Technical support and services available include:

  • Equipment & process warranties
  • Recommended spare parts to minimize downtime
  • Preventive maintenance plans
  • Training and documentation
  • Field service

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