Charlotte Facility Open House Recap



DDPS recently hosted an open house at our Charlotte facility for  visitors in town for the InformEx show.  Guests included employees of  various chemical and pharmaceutical companies from across the country.    

Attendees of the event received one-on-one time with DDPS experts to  discuss their unique process needs and were given the opportunity to  preview a demonstration of our new powder transfer equipment, as well as  different reaction and filtration products.  Additionally, Dave Young  from Budzar arranged a demonstration of their Director Series  Temperature Control Module in use with a DDPS Q-series solid glass  reactor.  

The open house was a successful endeavor in connecting DDPS to its  customers by learning more about their industry issues and sharing our  latest innovations in process technology.

Please contact us if you would like to coordinate a visit to one  of our facilities.  


Attendees get close-up views of equipment


Powder Transfer Demonstration

filter-dryer-demo RoLab-demo

Rosenmund Filter/Dryer demonstrations – Traditional filter/dryer and  RoLab Filter


Budzar TCM and DDPS Q-Series reactor demonstration